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Monday, March 3, 2014

Remodel Update

The update is there is no update.  After a few phone calls, I realized that there was a bunch of miscommunication with engineering, cabinets, contractor and me (well, mostly engineering).  It took one phone call and everything was back on track. Engineering thought I hadn't sent them our cabinet plans, I had, contractor was waiting on engineering equalling a major roadblock domino effect. We finally have our plan submitted to the city and they said it will be about next week.  Not sure if we'll be knocking out walls next week, but I'll have my goggles on and sledge hammer in hand just in case.

tip #143 when you say you're going to start in January, it really means you'll start in March.

Good news is that we have our barstools! They came Friday afternoon and required a signature, so I was patiently waiting to begin my day.

This gigantic box arrived and I was so glad to have our double wide doors down in the lab.

The box was also very well packaged.  It was like emptying out a clowns handkerchief pocket. The brown packaging paper never ended.

Windows should be started next week too. I believe it was our single pane windows that started this chain reaction of a remodel, so it is only right that they get done first.

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Holly said...

Mic I can't see your pictures and this is a problem because i really want to see your pictures. It says they are private.