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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

December 26th

I'm one of those who takes down the tree immediately after Christmas.  As I studied my psyche, , I came to these two conclusions:

1) Looking at the Christmas decorations all around me reminds me of what I "get" to do.  Because I don't like My TO Do list weighing me down, I figure I might as well get it taken care of now and move on with my life after Christmas. It is so relaxing to sit in a thoroughly spring cleaned house after the holiday.

2) With the inflation of toys, I need room to store them away.

After we got the 6hrs of cleaning out of the way, we trucked off to a pupusaria. It's a Salvadoran food made out of corn masa, filled with beans, salty cheese, chorizo, pork, chicken or a new one called loroco (loroco is a vine flower bud from Central America--tasted like hay). We loved the food until the owner decided to start remodeling the tile on his counter. Pound, pound, bite, pound, pound, bite. Who does that? Not a pleasant sound to listen to while eating. 

Onto the temple lights.

Salt Lake Temple at Christmas

Visiting Temple Square

(for those of you not LDS, this is our headquarters for our church.  They always decorate the temple so nicely, and I mean intertwining every branch with lights decorating nicely. You need to come see it.)

Here's inside the Mormon Tabernacle Choir-- it warmed us up for a minute

Kids at the tabernacle

We also visited the Church Museum which is like a mini Children's Museum, but for free! Very interactive for the kids. Here's Gretchen learning how the Mexican Hat Dance.

There is also an actual size Moroni that you see on our steeples of the temple.  It's gold and pretty.  Micah took one look at it and said: "Is thwere chwocolate unda dwere? (Is there chocolate under there?"