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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

woMan on Wire-Until the Kids Saw Me

Have you ever tried slack lining? Is that what you call it Kelli? It's a strap that is tied between two trees. The goal is to walk across it without falling, turn around, and come back. It's easier said then done and Kelli makes it look easy--like she does everything else.

Just look at the concentration in those eyes and the balance!


I gave it a few whirls, but then the kids saw how much fun the adults were having and got in the way of my high wire act.


and then another...


and then another...


and then another....


and then another...


And repeat. Looks like I will have to try this some other time. We had dinner, cobbler and mallows, and a little musical entertainment to boot. An easy, kickback, summer Saturday evening.



I guess I'll just have to go watch Man on Wire to study up until next time (a lovely documentary, a must see, except, fast forward the wacky part at the end-so unnecessary). True story too!

Friday, August 27, 2010


Off they go!

Last year:

Sending off our big man

This year:

Goodbye and good luck!

The sisters left behind to wave. See you in 8 hours.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

59 Minutes Left Of It

Gretchen - Fall 2009
When you are blessed with Gretchen in your home, you are blessed with a wonderful planner. I love this about her, how could I not? Today is her birthday (56 min left of it) and she has been planning her 5 year old party since August 27th, 2009 (day after last year's birthday). You can see why I am just sitting down now to write a birthday best wishes post because she has had her whole day planned out just so, but not overwhelmingly so, just simple.

Last Saturday, we had a little swim gathering with friends and dinner. She titled this the Dinosaur Party. She thought of the theme, games, decor and food. Mat made the invitation with her part pterodactyl, which made her bounce with glee.

And then her actual birthday came, and she informed me that she wanted to eat a rotisserie chicken and albacore tuna for dinner. True carnivore. Then she said, if it was alright, that we go rock climbing after we ate. This made her daddy smile, the rock climbing part of course.

Which brings me to why I'm going to miss her tomorrow. She starts her first day of kindergarten and she is more than excited to be in charge of the classroom and to start writing up lesson plans for the teachers. How I'll miss her. How I'll be thinking about her all day. She's my go to girl and buddy. She is a kid that you ask once to do something and it is done, and done fast. What is Micah going to do?

I thought having been a teacher in the elementary schools that I was going to be one of those moms that would be happy that school was starting, but turns out, I am depressed and in a funk. I felt this sadness in my throat 2 weeks prior to school starting and it still lingers. Anyone else? I'm very observant of my kid's teachers; making sure they are going to teach my kids the right way, they look out for them, and they love them even though their stories can go on for 5mins. I really need to get over it, but I'm a worrier and always will be. I also realize that I am very lame for not appreciating one less kid to haul around on errands.

So tomorrow, I'm sending you off dear Gretchen. I'm sending you out into the world. Be good. Be confident.

(32 minutes left of your birthday)

I'll be in with a snack time treat @ 2:30 --her birthday treat with permission from the teacher, I'm not hovering!

(31 minutes left of your birthday)

Happy Birthday Greti!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Behold, My Mesa

So one day I was stewing to myself about getting a bigger table. I needed a larger one if I was going to teach 8 preschoolers this Fall and besides we are always having guests for supper and needing the extra room. Then an epiphany came and almost "knocked " me over (get it). Don't you love epiphanies? They are few and far between. I was in my room staring at an old door that I bought at a garage sale last summer for $2 that was supposed to be turned into a headboard, but it was too heavy to support the frame. Well, doors make good tables, I've seen them before! I talked to Mat and he wasn't thrilled about my idea, but after pleading my case and serving him a lovely dinner, he conceded.

We used the legs of the old table, lengthened the sides and painted it turquoise. He wasn't thrilled about turquoise either, but it spelled"pizazz" to me and again I cooked him a lovely dinner. We ordered glass to cover the top from a local glass company, which was the most expensive part, and, I am now trying to figure out what to put under the glass. I was thinking old postcards, pressed butterflies, Mat's toenail clippings, any ideas? Thanks Handy Matty.

The results:

Travelers Passing Through

We were so excited to host our old friends the Cutlers from NC this past weekend. Oh! I could just squeeze them. And, I did.


Gretchen has not found true BFF's like Hanna and Kirsten, since the move of '09. I think she was most excited about this joyous reunion.


My how the kids have grown.


It was nice to see Brooke's mom again too. She was along for the ride to help them move. She's one that goes with the flow and very comfortable to be around. She also got called my mother 4 times at church.

During the visit, the kids stay up too late with no end to their silliness. Then one of the kids usually gets hurt or has a break down and then the adults have to bring the hammer down. Kids are then separated into their separate cells and are given the "look" of death to stay in bed. After the children are asleep, the adults play games and laugh a little too much. It's the late night giddies. Anyone relate?

In my own little planned community where I am the developer, the Cutler's would be placed in my development along with many other dear friends who I am arranging housing for. Look for the development to start late 2011, after we get a job.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I got published on Hopscotch, an online magazine , and you could too! I've read some of your posts out there and some are touching and some have me laughing out loud. I recently posted this article a few days ago titled Freezing Moments, but if you go to the website, you can see the clean, crisp, edited version. That's what's nice about this set up, you write it and the editor fixes it. I'm not an English major, so this takes the "cramp" out of my writing. I challenge you to give it a whirl!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Anniversary tribute update

This is Mat again. Just thought I'd add to the reasons I love my wife with this short video. Recently, I told her I wanted to start rock climbing...a least a couple of times a week. So we went and got her a harness and shoes, taught her how to belay, and now she is better at climbing than I am (and our Saturdays are finally getting fun again, right Mic?). Any woman that would rather be on the rock than at the mall deserves to be praised eternally.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Freezing Moments

Freezing Moments

Did you ever have a time when you wanted to freeze the stage of life you’re in? I’ve had many of those times: When I first began to date my husband and noticed that he was different than past boyfriends; living in our first apartment on West Street ( it was crummy, yet it was ours); our first drive across the United States to start school on the east coast knowing that everything would be different yet, adventurous; hugging, more like smothering, my first born in the hospital after waiting a long time to get him here; and then smothering my 2nd and my 3rd child after that. These are times I deem freezing moments. That’s right, freezing moments. They are moments that you want to last forever. Moments that make you gulp with sadness because you're afraid they’ll be gone.

I’ve entered into one of those freezing moments again. I want to freeze my children at their exact state which they’re in now. What do I need to do to recreate the ice age? Many strangers will pass me and say “You’ve got your hands full.” Nonsense. I love it! They’re good kids that keep me entertained every day. My kids are now 3, 4, and 6. It seems like each day I am squeezing my eyes tightly trying to remember all their funny sayings, expressions, and problem solving strategies. Help me. How do I go about freezing my two year old’s swimsuit dimpled, suntanned bum? I want to freeze the way my four year old manages everyone in the family in her own little adult way. I just find myself leaning back in my chair and studying her. And my six year old, who will save every spider from a foot about to smash it and will even administer CPR, if needed. These are moments I want to stand still. True, I have bad moments, the fits, the barking, and anger spats. They even have this sixth sense with timing, that when the waiter brings me my food, they always have to go to the bathroom. Unbelievable how they pull that off every time! But, that too is a freezing moment because I know someday, I’m going to miss it. I’ll miss it bad. So, in my mind, I will keep these moments frozen. Frozen solid. Deep freeze solid.

One More Little Vacation Up My Sleeve

I didn't tell you this, but Becket had a total come apart when we came home from Utah. His words, "Not here! I don't want to be in this place. Aren't we going somewhere else? Do I have to start school tomorrow? We still don't have the Disney Channel, we just have PBS?" I'm glad he thinks of our home as HAPPY.

I did have one more mini vacation up my sleeve and that was to visit our friend MJ before school started. We've been there before, no surprise, but it amazes me all the things we can discover for the first time even after living there and visiting there so many times. Here are a few more finds if you visit the Hershey area:

The Chuck E. Cheese Deal or No Deal game gives you major tickets if you hit it just right. I later learned that two mothers had to be escorted off the premises after getting into a fight at this Chuck E. Cheese. I bet you that it was this game.


We've been to the Hershey Pantry before, but I thought I would just rub it in to those who have been there. And yes, the pancakes are still as big as your head.


The Crayola Factory in Easton, PA is a worth it trip, although, go when school starts for less of a crowd and tether your children to you, I kept losing mine in little nooks and crannies.


Go to the Purple Cow in the alley behind the Crayola Factory. I had the Hungarian Torte and I have been craving it ever since (dark chocolate with fresh raspberries). Turns out there was a Pez museum in the opposite direction that we missed, so we'll have to visit that next time.


Little Buffalo State Park was a splash.


So was picking up Gretchen's peregrine falcon cake for her early celebration with Mary Jo. (Thanks for the lovely cake and party MJ)

Yup. That is a dead carcass that the falcon is eating. It was perfect for Gretchen who is into peregrine falcons.



Lastly, some good old fashioned theme park fun. You don't have to pay for parking, you can pack a cooler, plenty of shade trees, and you can pay per ride. I love that these things still exist. Welcome to Knoebles.






Thanks once again for loving my children Mary Jo. What a dear friend you are.


Sunday, August 8, 2010

Twelve years ago today, Micki and I got married in the St. George temple, had our reception in Santa Clara, Utah and then left on our honeymoon. We had no idea at that time where we were going or what would happen, but we were in love and having a good time and that was good enough.

Now, 12 years, three moves and three kids later we still don't know where we are going or what will happen, which apparently is just how life is. Thankfully for me, Micki is the most amazing person I could have chosen to be with since she just rolls with it and makes the most of every experience we have. I'm very grateful for her love and support. It's not easy being married to me, but she refuses to quit.

Wedding Day 16