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Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Things Parents Say

Do you have any catchy sayings you find yourself saying to your kids? Some that have been repeated from generation to generation? Here are a few that Mat and I use and maybe you want to add to it too:

"You get what you get and you don't throw a fit!" Anytime they are dissatisfied with their color of plate or toy given to them.

When it's time for their wee little bit of work that has to get done and they start to complain, I often say, "You think I enjoy doing, cooking." "Don't you think I might want to be doing something else?"

"You weren't raised in a barn."

When they note that something stinks, Mat's reply, "It must be your upper lip!"

"When you're a grownup you can choose to do it differently" Works well for when they beg you for a pet.

"How many Moms are there? How many kids are there? Can I do everything at once?"

"Blood, Barf or Bones?" I would use this phrase if my kids had a major emergency--

"If I would, I could!"

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Happy Birthday, My Dear Super Gretchen!

She will fight crime whenever a toy is taken, (but really if it is only taken from her), she will give into tiredness whenever daunting things come to call, and whenever their is a mess she will get one of her other siblings to do the clean's a bird, it's a plane, it's a new 4 YEAR OLD:


She has no fear of wearing her costume in public and when asked by the grocery store clerk, "Could that be supergirl?!" Her reply, "Nope it's just a costume." Up, up , and away
Back off

Happy birthday funny girl. Your parents love you and that's always what matters.

For fun, here are some oldies, but goodies:

She expanded my stomach the most and weighed in as my biggest 8.14lbs

Monday, August 24, 2009

Another Micki-ism

For those of you that know me all too well, you know that I do a LOT of stupid things. I don't know why I was born with this gift, but it's all mine. This gift lets me drop things often, especially in the kitchen, especially fine powdery stuff or liquids, scratch or break a lot of expensive things, walk funny most days, and slam my head on all hidden corners. I don't know how I do it, but today, it was my aim. After getting home, I straightened up the van. My hands were so loaded that I decided to throw Micah's shoes into the garage instead of walk them over.
STOP: now most people probably would have thought this through a bit more and walked the darn shoes over--but not me. Nope! Not thinking (most days) I gave the worn flip-flops a good lop into the garage, but they did not come down. Newton's theory unfortunately did not play a role in this one.
Yup! There it is--I threw it on the ROOF. How does one do that? It is easy if you're me and it is not at all surprising.
How did that get up there
Mat was not home at the time and I did not want to ask him to get me out of another fix. So I got creative and with all of my commotion, the kids decided it was their duty to help me (always a treat, might as well break 6 legs than just two!)

Retrieving a shoe
I pulled the van real close to the garage so that I could squeeze through the gutter and the top of the hood. The first flip-flop was well with in my reach, but the second one had me shouting "Almost got it Dad! (Indiana Jones)" Fortunately, I came armed with my MIC-Gyvering skills.

Materials needed when you decide to throw children's shoes on the roof: Longest broom/mop, hanger twisted and hooked.

Shoe retrieved

Another day in the park. Just be glad you're not my kids!

Rainy days bring popcorn

We made pink popcorn out of mallows, Jello, and butter:


All they really wanted to to do is fight over who got to lick the spoon and then it became funny to them.

Popcorn balls became throwing balls:


Gretchen decided to scratch the individual popcorn balls and went for one massive blob of popcorn cake:


We finally got out of jammies just before Daddy came home. (Begin whistling like nothing went on today "doo, da, doo"

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Summer Vacation (Day 7)

We're going to the Zoo, Zoo, Zoo, How 'Bout You, You? We're Going to the Zoo, Zoo, Zoo.

Photos taken by Mat

Little baby gorilla born recently. It is a little freaky just how human they actually are.
Little Kong

Geiko insurance


Cousin Holly once removed joined us for the party
National Zoo

Hanging out with the CUBE-P
Micki and Preston

Hanging out with Mat-T
At the Zoo

Thank heavens for the misters on these humid summer days
Cooling off

Keeping cool

Wet kid

We then headed to dinner in this shack. I can't believe we didn't get to eat in something nicer! I was terribly disappointed.

Prince home rear

Summer Vacation (Day 6)

Day 6: Are you from Dixie? I say from Dixie? Where the fields of cotton...hum hum hum hum ( I forgot my line)
We met up with Mat's brothers family, I like to call them the other Harrises, to spend the weekend with the Dixie Alumni Chapter. Recognize anyone?

I'm so glad the garbage can was able to squeeze into the picture
Dixie East Coast Alumni Group

Cousins reunited
Sequoia, Gretchen and Danny

Daddy reunited (post call)
Meeting up in DC

Family the capitol, no less
Family at the Capitol

We were able to tour the White House, the Bureau of Engraving and the Capitol (although we dawdled a little too much at lunch so we missed our Capitol tour, so scratch that last one. Who needs to see the Capitol anyway? What are they REALLY doing in there anyway?)

What a relief day 6 was to have Mat back!

Summer Vacation (Day 5)

Visited the McCorkindale's (I just love saying this Scottish last name!) in DC. We had another fake birthday with leftover birthday cake since Sophie and Gretchen's birthday's are on the same day. You can never blow out too many candles!

Party at the McCorkindale's

I was too exhausted I guess to bust out my camera on this travel day. I did manage to haul my stroller and three kids up to my hotel room with the help of my sister-in-law Jocelyn.

Way too much stuff! You just never know when you'll need it on a trip so you end up packing everything. Then you don't use half of it and you wonder why you brought it in the first place.

One of many loads

Summer Vacation (Day 4)

Happy Fake Birthday to Gretchen

Gretchen pre-Birthday

Went for a dip in the pool with MJ's sister in-law Cass. She is another fine person--their family is unbelievably sweet.
At the pool


Then we PART-TEED with CHUCK-E

Partying with Chuck

I love that they let you take in your own cake. There is some good that comes from this pre-gambling enterprise we call Chuck E. Cheese.
Gretchen at Chuck E Cheese

Take note of the ticket line that Greti is holding in Neverland. Micah got really good at smacking the button just right to land on 25. Every time she hit the button she would place her hands behind her back as if to wait for her fortune.
Long line of tickets
Becket and Gretchen just loved the green screen. Especially, Becket. He had a whole pocket of coins and this is where I would find him several times through out the afternoon.

Summer Vacation (Day 3)

Day 3 Chocolate World and Amish Country with the Andersons

We spent the day meeting up with the Andersons while my car spent the day racking up the dollars in the shop. We all piled into Jeanette's car and the kids were happy to be reunited again...since we last saw them in NC.
With the Andersons
I took the Anderson family to my favorite spots in central PA (hope it wasn't too much Jeanette)

Beloved Chocolate World
Chocolate World

Kaylee Kai and Micah having good times
Micah and Kaylee\
The kids celebrating their new jobs.
Friends at Chocolate World

Making pretzels at the Pretzel Factory in Amish Country.
Pretzel making

Another full day which Gretchen may or may have not puked a few times in the car. And Eva may or may have not played with the puke bag getting it all over the car.

Summer Vacation (Day 2)

Day 2-Hersheypark
Mary Jo treated us to fun-filled, sunny day at Hershey Park. The day that we went was very hot and oppressive, thank goodness for the water park, but no thanks to waiting in the lines. The kids still had fun.
Mr. Giggles and Ms. Attitude
Mr. Giggles and Ms. Attitude

I like this picture because it captures the pure essence of fun in the summer
Becket on the waterslide

There was a lot of ownership when it came to drinks. Notice how she is so CAREFUL with it too!
Spilling her drink
We managed to find Rolo (pass this one onto the Gordon's Emily)
We had some blue tongues from eating cotton candy while watching Geneva the sea lion, well, everyone except Micah who didn't care for the stuff.
Blue tongues
And then we were utterly exhausted when we finally had dinner at Friendly's. The kids fell asleep before their ice cream had arrived. Customers thought it was funny that we were hauling sleeping kids out of the restaurant, I did not, I was tired too.
Post Hersheypark meal

Side note:
Micah spent much of the day covering her ears from all of the noise. My tenuous child.

Watching the seal show



and Here
Micah happily covering her ears