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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Laws of the Table

Many of you are in our same position when it comes to table manners with young children. Mat and I are blue in the face from nagging our children about their repeated offenses, so we decided to put it to this guys well worded essay.

Enjoy and look away if you must (or look up the essay if you want more)!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

He Admits It!

Funny story about March Madness.

Mat has always teased me for PRETENDING to know everyone from St.George. When we were first married if someone would say, "Do you know so and so?" My response was always "Yes" or "Are they from that family clan" or "The name sounds familiar?" I would never say that I didn't know them. St. George is a small town, or was a small town, I should say! And it doesn't help that my mother, aunts and uncles seem to know all family trees. So, Mat's response to me would always be, "You don't know them, you're just pretending~ You St. George people and knowing everybody"

So, I'm in Harrisburg this weekend and he's in Motown and we're watching the BYU game together at the same time, but different places and up pops Dave Rose (head coach for BYU). I had forgotten he was the coach and I did play basketball with his daughter at Snow Canyon. I promptly texted Mat and told him I did in fact know BYU's coach personally and I'm famous!" Mat's texted response, "I admit it. You do know everyone from St. George." It was a victory for BYU and myself this past weekend! (and no, I don't know everybody from St. George, but if Mat asks, I always say I do!)


Aunt Kris

Actually, Dave Rose is married to Jane (name changed) who is a sister to Susie (from Santa Clara)..who I used to play softball with. Mic....just thought you would like a little more info in order to further impress Mat...

Post Prologue


I know Susie! I played softball with her daughter. Mom, is that the same family related to the Smith's? Mat is going to need an oxygen mask.

Post, Post, Prologue

Aunt Trish

Mic - I don't think Jane is from Smith's line! For what it's worth, Jane(Dave's wife) graduated with Kurt and I. Dave was at Dixie when I was and we even had classes together. Put that feather in Mat's bike helmet!

Post, Post, Post, Prologue

Uncle Scott

Well I should add my connection in as well. John Gordan(son of Susie and married to Karen Johnson) and I are very good friends, in fact he ran over my foot with his VW Bug.

Post, Post, Post, Post, Prologue

Aunt Kris

And the Johnson's just lived 2 houses away from us on Main Street....I think that is an important fact that Mat should know as well.....

Post, Post, Post, Post, Post, Prologue

Aunt Trish



Thursday, March 17, 2011

Haven't Made Saturday Plans Yet?

May I suggest heading to the local auction? Sorry if you don't live where I live, but I'm sure there are local auctions near you. It just won't be nearly as interesting nor as quirky as our local West Virginia Ball Auction. It's very intriguing, the items and the people. It's an experience, let's say that.

They sell bedroom sets, nice leather couches, opened packages of paper towels they can no longer sell, Grandma's vacuum with a note attached that says "missing a bolt, but works great!"

So here it is--


People sit here ALL DAY. I was done after a 1hr and my kids were done after 10min. It starts at 1PM and can go until 1AM. They just keep auctioning until they run out of stuff.  You never know when your item will be up for auction so you just wait.

I cannot believe how fast the auctioneer can talk. And the way he stalls...what a kick!

And so here we are:


I wanted so badly to buy something, but we were too slow. Items were gone before we even decided that we wanted it. Things just happened so fast while Mat was trying to price compare to make sure we couldn't get it cheaper online.  My oh my! We are not cut out for this! But, I'll take this little experience and put it in my pocket.


Gretchen and I both got car sick on the way back, I guess we didn't leave with nothing after all! Curse those West Virginia windy roads.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

My Own Recital

That's right, we decided to throw our own recital. I know. The Harris family started to learn the piano in August and Sheila started the harp around the same time. We felt it was time to put our efforts to work and challenge ourselves in front of a group of people. Why?(mental craziness) I don't know why, but we did, and it did get me to practice a bit more.

There were other neighbors around with some great talent, so we invited them to our recital too. We made a program, decorated the front door with a few musical notes and lit some candles for the mood.

Becket was first to go with Jingle Bells.


Then Jiyun


Gretchen and I playing Alouette a duet.Good mom and daughter time, too bad I'm completely hiding her.


Caroline- minuet in G


Mat playing Chiapanecas (Mexican Clapping song)


Me playing Alpine Melody


Jared playing Here AM I.


Kelli playing River Flows in You. I'm sure the baby was jamming to the music. 1 week to go Kelli!


Zvi playing Springtime harmonica. Totally rocked and the kids started a mosh pit on the living room rug. He brought his own blues costume for a personal touch.


Sheila on the harp playing The Jade Temple. The kids were in awe at the funny looking instrument.


Jenny singing opera O Mio Babbino. She's only 5'2" and this girl can belt it! She only started training when she was 16.


Julie playing the The Entertainer


Then, of course, there was the delicious food that everyone helped with. It was a good experience even though a little intimidating, but it puts hair on the chest! Thanks for coming my little Morgantown family.


Saturday, March 5, 2011

Floss and Pliers Please.

Little Miss lost a tooth. We are the proud parents of another toothless kid. First, we tried the floss, which didn't work. Then, Mat mentioned the sure fire way * PLIERS * to pull out Gretchen's tooth and as you can see from her reaction below, she wasn't having it.


However, Micah would do whatever it took to get HER tooth out, so she was all for the pliers. She wants so badly to have a gift from the Tooth Fairy. Unfortunately, she was not born with baby lateral incisors, so technically she HAS already lost two teeth and gets short changed on the Tooth Fairy collections.


Such freshness when the plant is pulled from the soil! Congratulations Gretchen. sympathies to her K5 class that heard her fabulous story over and over yesterday.


And, this one will just have to continue to wait.


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Goldilocks and The Shoemaker

Micah, Micah, Micah!

You are soooo picky with the type of shoes you will actually wear. We've been looking for new shoes for her since November and there is ALWAYS something wrong with them from the second she tries them on. "Too squeezy!" "Too white, how about more pink." "Ohh! What about these?" she says as she points to the plastic, hot pink, jellied ones (so not functional).

Today I think we found some. They are sparkly pink (a must) and a kind of tennis shoe with straps that she can do by herself. They are also overly comfortable, her #1 priority when it comes to shoes. That's my little Goldilocks and her "just right" attitude.

Before I purchased them, I made her walk around the entire store while wearing them. Ya see, I'm an old hat at this, I've learned to make her walk around in them before she makes up her mind that she utterly can't stand the sight of them any longer. This little trick saves me another trip back to the store to return them.

Here's looking at you kid (princess shirt, attempted wink and all):

Now, about that bowl of mushy cereal you say you're going to eat every morning because your starving? How come I always find it's sludgy content still sitting on my counter well after breakfast time? I took a picture for proof for when I need a favor when you're older.