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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Doctor Gets Scammed On Chairs

The remodel for Mat's office has been done since August 21st. We tiled and painted and floored and countered. It looks wonderful, except for the new black chairs. The black office chairs were ordered and never delivered. When we went to check on our order the webpage was gone. Gasp! It was a company we found through amazon too, so we weren't being stupid.
We called our credit card company and they said that we had to wait a month from the date they said they would deliver and then they would refund us the money. That due date was today, so hopefully the money will be back in our pockets and we can complete our office. You know how it makes me crazy not to have this done? You know how I like my completion? Surprisingly, I'm calm and collected.
Until then, I will keep trying to grow me some thick skin and learn how to run a business. If you haven't already, check out Mat's blog at or head to his Facebook page. He'll be supplying you with tips from his trade.

Friday, September 23, 2011

30 Yr Old Bear Gets Invited to Picnic

Micah had a Teddy bear picnic with her preschool class yesterday. She had to select a bear to bring and she chose none other than my teddy bear growing up. I was so proud, proud that i actually held onto something from my past! She has given her the name of Bootie Bear because she claims her Bootie is exposed. She giggles as she sings "Bootie Ba-were!"

The rest of the day as usual is pure silliness when she got home.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Woman starts. Then stops. Then starts. Then stops. Something Time And Again

What's up with the newspaper titles?  It's something new and I like calling myself woman in my titles.

So, we started looking for a house to buy and then I realized taking on a business and moving took precedence. In fact, a week after we signed our 6 month lease agreement, I marched myself right back over to that leasing office to sign a 1yr lease seeing how this rose colored doctor dream was going to take a little more work.  I declared from that day that I would not look at a single house until we had our down payment saved.  Then I told myself, it was okay to look for neighborhoods to live in. Well, that turned me into an envious state again wanting a bigger fridge, an ice maker, a garage...that I had to draw my line again. Then I erased it. Then drew it again.

Baby Doll, our beloved car, is on it's last leg.  It's taken us everywhere, I'm not exaggerating. We got it when Gretchen was in the womb.  It's been a good car to us, but it is having it's issues, sorta like a pet getting older.  The driver seat doesn't work, so I stretch my leg to reach the gas pedal or use my latest invention, sticking a pillow behind my back.  There are some dents and 3 out of the 7 days of the week it doesn't start unless you give it a little gas.  I'm tired of nursing it and fear I'll be stranded one of these days. I started to look for new cars, but then realized that it would have to wait.  To make myself feel better, Mat suggested that we deck it out with the extra wood floor he had and maybe put up some curtains inside. We'll see. I would love it if it had a wood floor, then I would just have to sweep it out. Just in case I do need a car, what do you suggest?  Maybe I shouldn't go there :)

Then I feel like I'm getting dumber, so I'm back to starting up crossword puzzles again.  I'm hoping they'll kick my mush brain up a notch, but so far I only got two right.  My brain is at it's low. For example, Mat told me three times the name for this rock climbing gear  yesterday and I swear I made him repeat it to me three times before I could remember it. Quick draw. Quick draw. Quick draw. Ugh.

And finally, I'm back to couponing. And budgeting. "HA!"That's what the Mister said.  I'm not good at either, but I will die trying. It just so happens that I met a coupon AND budget savvy friend and I will make her show me the ropes, even if I pest her.  I will be patient by waiting for the sales and not go to stores more than once every two weeks.  So far, I've been to the store twice in the last 5 days and I have to go tomorrow. Micah has to furnish some gummy bears for her teddy bear picnic tomorrow and my kids shoes reek with nastiness, so I need shoe odor destroyer.

Until then, I will wrap my thoughts with rock climbing and be happy.  It usually gets a little of my aggravation and stress out.


Monday, September 19, 2011

Woman Paints Toenails Red to Honor Immortal Woman

That's right, I painted my toenails red for Ms. Henrietta Lacks to honor her immortal cells. I usually paint my toenails red for September because September spells apples spells red. You follow? But, this time I won't let them chip. Henrietta would have never let her toenails chip.

It was a good informational book that turned novel when you started learning about Henrietta and her family. HeLA cells (Henrietta cells) were the first to survive in a petri dish, but wait until you hear how it happened.

Here is a picture I love

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Deadly Pungent Asafetida Spice Almost Sent 7 Yr old to Car Top Carrier

Asafetida was the one ingredient I lacked for my new homemade Indian dish. I finally found it at none else then... Ready for this? the Indian store. The spice is very strong smelling even inside the bottle, but the kind Indian woman assured me that it was good for digestion and the smell dissipates when cooking.
Well, when I got into the car it was a different story. Becket couldn't handle the nose piercing smell. He moved to the back seat by the girls to try to breathe. Soon we all realized we could all taste that smell on our tongues, so I sealed it up in our trail mix bag.
Photo Sep 10, 2011 2:47 PM 
Becket's whole world is turned upside down and he "nose" it . Bad, i know.
When I brought it into the house, we could still smell it so I bagged it up and stuck It in our storage shed.
Photo Sep 10, 2011 4:02 PM

The spice definition:
Asafoetida (Ferula assafoetida), alternative spelling asafetida,( /æsəˈfɛtɨdə/)[1] (also known as devil's dung, stinking gum, asant, food of the gods, giant fennel, hing and ting) is the dried latex (gum oleoresin) exuded from the living underground rhizome or tap root of several species of Ferula, which is a perennial herb (1 to 1.5 m high). The species is native to Persia (Iran) and India[2]. Asafoetida has a pungent, unpleasant smell when raw, but in cooked dishes, it delivers a smooth flavor, reminiscent of leeks.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Athleta Magazine Reunites with New Forwarding Address

My pal Abby pulled me down with her when she introduced me to this clothing line Athleta. These clothes fit AND feel so comfortable. The prices are a tad higher, ok a lot higher, than I want to pay, but the clothes are good quality and of high performance (or so I hope they help me perform better). Now, that devil magazine has been forwarded to my new address.

I love the boots. They remind me of my friend Anna's boots that she got in Prague. I salivated over those everyday at the bus stop along with all of her other european shoes. I also like the fancy knee highs that peek out over the top of them. Then there are Athleta hats, nice stretchy rock climbing clothes, and models running with sickly toned legs. Check it out:

Goodness. I'm really trying to sell it in these pictures to hint at my husband for the NEED and potential gift ideas. Hence, I chose pictures with backbends and strains.

He'll see how happy I we can all be when we are out on a family adventure.

As for the tomato party this weekend, stellar. Basil pesto with zebra green tomatoes, mmmm! There were also some fiddlers to add to the spirited ambiance. Gretchen surprised us and jumped right up and started river dancing. It actually comes as no surprise at all, if you know confident going on 16 Gretchen. Karl, (read the name tag) joined her for a dance too. What fun! And, Micah had to stop and rest on the way back to the car----in the middle of the sidewalk. Silly, children, who do you belong to?

Friday, September 9, 2011

Newspaper inspires weekend

I usually never read the Circular newspaper, but today I did and I think we will take a few of their suggestions.
For example, whose cute little idea was this?
I happen to love tomato sandwiches! Scream!
I also noticed this little tip about doing your Christmas shopping NOW because a lot of stores are getting rid of old toys to make room for the new ones. Mat wasn't too keen on the idea, but when he realizes the 75% off deals I got off for future birthday and Christmas presents (at Walmart ) he will hug me later. Oh yes he will!
And lastly, the Utah state fair is having chocolate covered scorpions. I asked the kids if they wanted to go and try the little appetizers and their answers were
Gretchen: "No Way!"
Becket: " I am not actually much of a meat eater mom. I like chicken,pepperoni, and sometimes lobster from Red Lobster, but that's all."
Micah: "Oooo! I do!"
Then we all laughed because Micah never completely understands what we're talking about.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Mat was featured on a blog called today for his passion in recreating Star Wars paraphernalia out of recyclables. I couldn't be more proud of my husband's passion for cardboard and Star Wars. I'm hoping he will one day build me a house out of card board. Could you imagine the possibilities? Anyway, check it out, it's our claim to somewhat fame.

We were traveling down south for the Labor Day weekend. We wanted to introduce our kids to Shasta the liger with my cousins Steph and Lexi. Remember Shasta from the Hogle Zoo? Micah continued to roar at the rest of the animals as we made our way through the museum.

Little Labor Day camping, face painting,motorcycling, horny toading, rock climbing, star gazing...

Headed to the parade. Those fire engines are obnoxious I must say. I will tell you one who didn't find them obnoxious, brosef Darrin. He slept right though them.

Later, we settled in at Aunt Ava's for a taco bar and family albums. And, some more sleeping.

Today I am dragging. I need to sleep, but we are on the last episode of season 6 of Everybody Loves Raymond. Marie and Deb haven't been speaking for the last three episodes.

Thursday, September 1, 2011


Mat's Haircut

Mat puts on my snazzy hair cutting bowl to catch all the hair...

Becket:"Look! Dad is wearing the cone of shame." (From the movie up)

Micah: "I think you should give Dad a mohawk Mom."
Mic: "Me too."

Soul Surfer movie

After Bethany gets her arm taken off by the shark...

Becket: "I bet you her parents don't let her swim in that area again because they don't want her to lose both arms."

Then her prosthetic arm gets delivered...
Becket surprised: "Hey! Her arm is back!"

At the end of the movie...
Becket: "So her arm REALLY did get bit off by a shark?"

Gretchen: "When you're famous, do people just throw money at you?"


On the way over to introduce Micah to her preschool teacher...
Mic:"Now, Becket and Gretchen, we are going over to Micah's teacher house so it's important to let her talk. That means, you be quiet when the teacher asks her something and let her answer, not you. Got it?"

Micah: "Do I have to talk into a microphone?"
Becket: "I'll bet she'll get stage fright." (laughs)
Gretchen: "Micah, I don't think there will be any stages there."
Mic: "There's no stages. No microphones. No stage fright. Just let Micah answer the questions!"
Micah starts to cry.

Mic: "Alright Gretchen, your teacher is Mrs. Buckner."
Gretchen: "Becket, I have Ms. Buccaneer!"
Mic: "It's Buckner."
Gretchen: "Buccaneer, Buckner, whatever."


Mic: "Becket, your teacher is Ms. Yawn. (I laugh) I hope she's not boring!"
Becket" I hope she doesn't fall asleep in class!"
Mic: "Good one Beck!"
after the first day of school....
Mic: "How was school?"
Becket: " Ms. Yawn is really nice AND she didn't even fall asleep!"

And, out of pure randomness and in total synchronization coming home, all three kids shouted out the name of the elementary school when the light turned green. It absolutely startled me. How did they plan that?

Micah:"Mom, I'm going to college."
Mic: "You are?"
Micah:"Uh-huh. Yup I am."
Mic: "Well, how are you getting there?"
Micah: "I'm drwiving der. Mom, college is like one big house."
Mic: "Oh it is, is it?"
Micah: "Yup. Okay, bye. I'll see you latewr."


The Great Salt Lake

Mic: "We need to take you kids to see the Great Salt Lake.  What Salt Lake is named for!"
Gretchen: "Maybe I can dip my chip into it!"
Becket: "No that would make the chip soggie."

At the pool

Micah is pouring water into some cups at the pool and then hands them to me.
Mic: "What's this Micah?"
Micah: "Smoothies"
Mic: "Oooo, what kind?"
Micah: " This one is strawberry shortcake, and this one is avocado, cheese, and mint."
Mic: "I'll have the strawberry shortcake."

Micah skips away singing : "La, la, la, la, la, la"
Gretchen: "Oh, that little girl!"

Only Micah could get away with wearing a pink tiara in the pool