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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Quirky party for quirky Agent G

The birthday party SHE planned entailed part scooby do and part phineas and ferb party. The girl has had this party planned since August 27th of last year ( the day after her birthday) and it has not changed.

Here are a few highlights of the interchangeable party:

Ducky Mo Mo cake (phineas and ferb)


Scooby fruit snacks (scooby do) which turned into a game on Casey's head

Casey later performed scooby do tricks for all the cousins and he was rewarded scooby snacks for playing dead and rolling over.

Once the kids swam, they watched phineas and ferb movie a present given to her by the Kjars. Jackpot!

It was back and forth between the two tv shows all night.

A quirky present she was dying for was a bag of Nacho Cheese Doritos. Nacho average kid. Nacho your average present. A perfect movie treat that counteracted all of the sweets before the movie. It's nice to have a junk food balance.


Thanks for all those who came, even via Skype




The next day we spent some time at the liberty park with the Kjar cousins who slept over. There is a whole field of playground and what do the kids want to do? Jump off the rocks and have us catch them. Playgrounds are overrated I guess.


Cute pictures with Mat I thought. It's nice to have a photogenic husband.




And the birthday surprise ending ba ba da da a trip to the RV lot. Gretchen has been obsessed, I mean OBSESSED with RVs, so I thought it would be fun to let her tour one.


Mr. Hughs was nice enough to let her take control of the wheel.


She was sold to say the least!


She now knows that she can rent one nightly for $250 dollars so she thinks that's what she'll start saving for since to buy one ($95,000) is a little out of her price range. It makes me think that we shouldn't buy a house just yet. Maybe this is our answer. After all, we are a family that likes to travel.

That's our little rock star with a RV!


Friday, August 26, 2011

Agent G

Agent G
Born: August 26th (not born yesterday)



Age: 6
Favorite color: Green
Favorite food: Costco Rotisserie Chicken
What she wants to be when she grows up: A Rock Star
What she wants for her birthday: RV
Pet: Dog
Book: dog heroes
Likes: to be in control
Dislikes: beans

That's our many layered Greti. post party pictures to come. I am on my way to deliver a birthday treat to her classroom (triple Oreos, who knew?)


Monday, August 22, 2011

Walking testimonial

Grandma Elaine asked me "are your lashes real?" as I was sitting on her porch.
"Why yes, yes they are Grandma" I reply sheepishly (and I was thrilled she noticed)
I am now a walking advertisement for Latisse, the eyelash drug that makes your eyelashes extend to their greatest potential. My eyelashes are at their resurrected prime.
I've been using Latisse for the past 4 mths and day by day I watch them grow like a newborn baby. It was originally a drug used for glaucoma patients to lower their eye pressure. When the patients used it, they noticed their lashes getting darker, thicker, and longer i.e. lush. The potential side effects include change of eye color and redness and irritation of the eyelid, but I've noticed no changes. I have had a little soreness on my eyelid when I'd rub my eyes in the earlier months, but this is due to my eyelashes bulking up like the Hulk. Nothing too bothersome.
If you would like some, talk to my husband the eye doc servicing the SLC and ST. George areas. He can get it for you cheaper then if you were to get it from a pharmacy (it does require a prescription). I also have tips on how to stretch your bottle of Latisse to last longer. Go to or call me. Then when someone asks you if your eyelashes are real, you can tell them the truth and say, "On my ancestor's grave they are!"
PS. Your lashes will work great as shield protectors when you're biking too. With a flutter, those little gnats will fly right out of your eyes.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Summer freedom coming to an end

Summer is quickly coming to an end. School starts Monday and the kids and I are desparate to make the most of it. I love summer and so do they. No time constraints, I don't bark at them to get their jobs done in the morning, and Micah has her buddies to play with.

This is how we have made the most if it these past few weeks:

We went and saw the Up house in Herriman. It was a great reward since the kids had been to about SIX stores that day shopping for office remodel stuff. It ook a very long time.

They even had Russel and Mr.Fredrickson, complete with the soda pop badge! I didn't see Kevin though.

The Andersons stopped by too. They were bosom buddies of ours in NC.

Kaylee loves Micah and Micah loves Kaylee

We also cashed in on some rewards from the summer reading program. I couldn't believe the generosity of cookies by design. (oh! And this is not our kid, he just wanted to be apart of the picture)

I also cashed in or more like gave my cash, to the case lot sale at Maceys. We are all set for winter soups. I did it with three kids too which took some strategizing, especially when it came time for hauling these cans up three flights of stairs. Thank goodness I made friends with the apartment's roaming teenagers! They took several trips to fetch these cans, all for a mere gogurt. They saved me and I love them.

And speaking of Maceys, Mat has always, I mean always, has talked about their gigantic ice cram cones. He said he often couldn't finish it so on the way home he would throw it at some guys mailbox and tag bloody ice cream all over it. He wasn't a kidding these cones are huge!

And finally my own tetherball tournament that I created with my beloved teenagers of the apartment. I was eliminated in the first round by a fifteen year old named Nick. He totally dominated me. He was so fierce and intimidating with his headband and gloves that I was shaking in my sandals before I even walked on the court. Yep, don't mess.

But the real winner was Jonathan. Turns out he was tetherball champion at his elementary school a few years ago. He lives just downstairs and over from me.

So, goodbye summer and hello school. I hope the kids will have a good year. These first of the year jitters will fly away soon I hope. Meet their mascot, the tiger. Wish it were a liger!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Frequenting the Southern Belt

We will visit southern Utah frequently because Mat will be working at his satellite office at the beginning of every month and then eventually take over twice a month. Lucky for me because I get to see friends and family, not to mention riding my bike on long peaceful stretches of road. Unlucky for the tires on my car.
This particular trip we spent some time with Grandma Rexine and enjoying a nice hibachi dinner. Thanks mom! And, we were invited to go and stay the night at Dannielle's cabin (Mat's sister).
We duct taped our shins until they were quite colorful
And then we went on Rhino rides with the cousins
We attempted fishing in the creek (pronounced crick if you're from St. George)I twas mostly just tangled lines and stabbings with poles.




And we went crawdad catchin'



We also had a lovely dinner that night



In the morning, Mat and Dannielle got up early to run the half marathon from the Yankee to Parowan_DIN9202.jpg


Dan will unfortunately lose her toenail because of the steep downhill and Mat walked like an old man for four days after. But, their bodies looked nice and toned while doing it and that is ALL that matters.
But I don't think either of them regretted doing the race together.

After visiting the fine folks of Parowan

we stopped at Mat's uncle's farm to retrieve a sign that Mat's dad chainsawed down 30 years ago. I figure we'll incorporate this antique into our house in some way. Maybe into a gate or a table.


Kids got DOWN down on the farm


Back to SLC we go!