The Stream

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Thanksgiving was.... was... LOVED. It was fun to embrace the family after being gone so long. We didn't stop moving on our holiday weekend either. We had so many fun activities to attend that I had hard time choosing which ones to go to if they happened to collide. And, I saved my favorite picture that sums it all up for the end.

Here are a few of the activities we got to partake in:
Turkey Trotting, Dodgeball, Football, Volleyball, Kickball, and climbing.



Check out the mascots and the fan line up!


We couldn't get enough of climbing, Mat especially. He's a maniac and I feel bad I didn't get his picture climbing this 5.11b. I happened to be belaying him.



Oh! I forgot trampolining. That was our pre Thanksgiving warm up.


And my favorite picture of all pictures. The most reflective moment I had was when I stepped outside to pull something from the car and I paused to look through the window at Dannielle's house. It was one of the While You Were Sleeping Moments, where Lucy is sitting with Peter's family around the Christmas tree watching them open their presents. She becomes so absorbed in the joy and the warmth swarming her, that she forgets to open her present. That was that exact moment for me. I couldn't help but beam with pure untouched gladness. Just look at them all laughing, talking and bustling together. I must have stood there for 5 minutes just taking it all in.  I love these people. I love that they have taken me in as one of their own. It will be a Thanksgiving to remember.


Thursday, November 24, 2011

Family is trickling in!

Happy thanksgiving everyone! We'll be trotting, dodgeballing, volleyballing, and rock climbing. Oh! And eating. 

Cassandra's birthday

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Grandma Tootie

Who's got a suitcase that nice and tight?
Mary Jo has a suitcase that's nice and tight.
Who gonna surprise us this very night?
MJ 's gonna surprise us this very night

Must be MJ, must be MJ, must be MJ from PA

I'll spare you the rest of the song, but you get the picture. We
surprised the kids and had MJ come for a visit.

At the airport before she arrives: This kid has no idea what is about
to hit him!


MJ visits

We headed to Disney on Ice matinee right after the airport. Micah
couldn't even stand it! She was thrilled to be amongst the princesses.

MJ Disney on ice

After that we headed to the church to make and cook pizzas in a brick
oven.  Later that night we set up a zhu zhu town while Mat paper
mâchéd. Why he decided to do that letter E for his office then? I
don't know, it must have been that special Zhu Zhu wrapping paper.

Mary jo

The kids were so happy to be with her.


Saturday was spent around the city at This is the Place Monument,
Ruth's diner (which was too crowded) so we opted for the Dodo, then
planetarium for nap on the theater, and we had to get a picture of the
Gateway SLC Starbucks for her Greek neighbors the Linguses. Don't ever
ask them about Starbucks when you're in a hurry. They love Starbucks
and will tell you about it ad nauseum.



MJ even demanded that she stay home with our kids while we went out on
a date.  Unfortunately we didn't have anywhere to go but the grocery
store, so we made the most if it with their free eye exam machine. We
may have to invest in one for the office. Have you tried it?


Sunday was spent with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, mass at Saint
Madeline's, and dinner at Bob and Andrea's



The gang



The next morning we messed around taking picture of the mountains and
raising havoc in Mat's office.


We kidnapped the kids from school and played a little Ferris Bueller
if you know what I mean.

Chuck E. Cheese


Wheeler Farm

We even set up the Christmas tree so it felt like she was here for the
holiday. Mat gave MJ's dog Ivan some attention virtually. That's about
the only way Mat will give a dog attention.


So long to our dear friend and adopted grandma. We'll see her and her
friend JM in the summer. They are bringing their dogs too. We Harrises
can't wait!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011




And here's one from a little while ago when Micah was starting her singing career. She gets her training from her big sister.  This was from before singing lessons and I find it so funny!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

After (Part 3)



Before and Afters
Office remodel

Before and Afters

Office remodel lobby

Other photos

Office remodel back area

Office remodel front lobby

Office remodel details


my favorite signature, the mints


Our Restoration Hardware Knockoff


The tile



There you have it!  The office has more of a Harris feel to it.

I think the staff is okay with it too (I hope)


Saturday, November 12, 2011

During office remodel (part 2)

May I just say a few kind words about the our family who came and helped us? We're talking 2AM in the morning night after night helping us. Were they insane, drugged, or zombified, I don't know, but there is no way in heaven we would have been able to piece this office back together in four days if it wasn't for their valiant warrior hood.





Bob and Matt

Where's a picture of my brother Casey when you need one? Inserting this one, even though he might be in New York:)



Lindsay and Susie watched my kids around the clock (Danielle too)

Other randomness:

Stubborn commercial carpet:

Tight spaces:

Jeff putting in the wall, another long story that I'll tell with my birth story December 21st at a private venue TBA

Reusing my paint from my table to paint these end table cubes (notice the finished wall):

Gutted the counters