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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Day 2 Jamaica

We set up appointments with KPH (Kingston Public Hospital) and the Ministry of Health here in Jamaica.  This is what our drive looked like along the way.


We met a Dr. Lue and once we worked around getting our foot in the door and explained what we were going to do, he was rather excited. When he figured out that we could get him supplies, it was like Christmas!  We have a budget and we have to access the needs before our church makes the decision, but it's a start. We'll meet with him again on Thursday.

Jamaica Tuesday March 25

We broke for lunch at Scotchies for some jerk entree and local cuisine.  Mat had the roasted fish and I tried the jerk chicken.  Yes! I'm vegetarian--but not a high maintenance vegetarian.  When in Rome, when in Jamaica. We also tried a local root vegetable called 1) bammy; very tasteless, but had the texture of a sweet potato 2) bread fruit; a heavy potato like fruit that is fried--read the Mutiny on the Bounty to learn about this desired fruit and bringing it to England 3)Festival--unsweetened long corn cake donut. All pretty bland, surprised me for Jamaica and the Caribbean, but with enough jerk sauce, it spices it up a bit.

Bread fruit is in Mat's hand, meat roasted on flavored wood and the little shacks you eat in to provide you with shade. It was delightful and I tried to breathe slow to absorb it all in.


On our way to see Mr. Thompson with the Ministry of Health--a key part in getting our equipment and supplies through the Jamaican government

Mr Thompson

Mr. Thompson came very prepared and it looked like he had done this a time or two for Jamaica.

Later we headed to Yallahs on a chicken coop project.  The humanitarian missionaries, the Murdocks, needed to buy feed for the coops they had established.

On our way to Yallahs

Jamaica Tuesday March 25

The church:


We met up with the local Elders on their P-day.  They were playing the ukulele and writing emails back home.  They later showed us the mango tree (pronounced MONgo, if you're local) and they snagged one off the tree for me to try.  It was stringy yumminess and it squirted all over my shirt.  I suppose it is part of the native experience ripping open a ripe fresh mango straight from the tree with ypur bare hands.

Jamaica Tuesday March 25

We later went to dinner at South Avenue.  The coconut curry was to die for, wish I had ordered it! It had awesome shacks to eat under too. It was one of the more upscale restaurants in the area. It also had upscale mosquitoes.

Jamaica Monday March 24

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