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Saturday, March 22, 2014


Besides getting to draw on the walls ....

We also get to knock down some walls.  We're opening up our house if you can't tell and that includes the loft! I've basically have swung my elbows into all the walls I want to get rid of.

The walls just a come tumbling down around here. Jericho ain't seen nothin'.The kids thought that was pretty spectacular.  It's not everyday your parents give you a hammer and tell you to destroy! They had so much aggression, they did the whole wall.

Here's the loft the next day---our own little upstairs terrace. A dangerous terrace perhaps, so I tell the kids their feet can't leave the carpet.  I suppose we as parents should mind that too.  Gretchen scolded us to get on the carpet. Then she started crying and told us "I don't want you to die!"Good point my dear daughter.

We have also had our new energy efficient windows installed! No more scratching ice off the glass from the inside anymore.  No chill to send you on your way into a warmer room either.  Oh! How I shudder at the thought!

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