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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Old Kitchen Removed-Semi New Kitchen

I was subbing on Tuesday and I came home in between classes to check on the progress.  Our old kitchen was currently being removed!

Oh it makes me happy! It's currently being stored in our front living room.  It worked out great too--the buyer wasn't quite ready for it and I needed to use my fridge until we got our new one.  It's a win, win! I don't know what I would do without a fridge.

Here's our charming little kitchen in the basement for the time being. Micah is currently trying to finish her lentils.  It's quite the task whether eating it in an old or new kitchen--it will take hours.  I added some fake flowers to make it happy.  It feels like we're in an apartment again. Toys crowding the living space, stuff lining the perimeters of all the rooms and the 5 of us bumping into each other more often.  It feels happy. Like we felt in Minnesota when Mat was doing a rotation in Minneapolis.  We made the most of our stay there and I suppose we'll make the most of our stay in our bottom floor apartment as well.

Pantry for now! And, my panini grill is coming in handy.

Mat had it set up all cute and cozy for us and surprised me when I came downstairs.  What a guy!

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