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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Down and clean out

Gretchen woke up with a stomach bug Monday morning. I just knew I should have gone downstairs and grabbed her a bowl to puke in. Instead, I ignored it, too tired to move at midnight.  I heard Mat tell her to go to the bathroom if she was feeling sick. When does that ever happen? When does an 8 year old think, "Hmmm, I'm feeling sick, I should get up now and go to the bathroom?" It ended up all over the bedding and carpet. I don't know why it takes me so long to learn my lesson, but I'm sure I'll do the same thing the next time it happens. I canceled everything for the day and Gretchen rested. I had this same bug over Christmas and I knew exactly what to expect. 24hrs of nothing.

 The upside, I needed a reason for lockdown in my house. I did loads of laundry, prepped the pantries for the great wall knock out and I put back the basement after the carpet had been replaced last week. It was so quiet and clean in my basement that I pulled up a kid chair and just sat. I just absorbed it all getting lost in my thoughts. It was so peaceful and the sunlight shining through the windows made me sigh.

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