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Thursday, March 20, 2014

House Progress

Wow! Everyday I come home to new surprises.
Here is a picture of the sightline from our entry way.  There will be a half wall there where the paper is.  I needed to get an idea of what you would see in my kitchen from my front door. I just didn't want you to see my full kitchen.

I was surprised to learn that my house was being held up by two 2X4s.  It is sturdier now with the new beam and supports. And it is cuter now with that guy back there.

It's nice to know that it is done right this time.  Glad my kids jumping off of the bed and crashing to the floor hasn't caused our house to fall down.

They had to go down to the basement to cement and bolt the beams down to the foundation. Guest room closet:

They had to cut some holes in the walls downstairs to get to the footings.  They were at least smart about it and put a more accessible door in for me to my food storage. This is the lab.

Here's the new 6inch post just off of the dining room.  It's now attached to a sturdier beam up above.

Meet our cabinet guy and plumber. They're talking about our plans thoroughly.  They were over to get a few things finalized. I am so glad he brought that little skinny piece of cardboard to map out our island.  I needed to shift it over to the dining room a half of foot. It was right in our walkway when you come in through the garage.  It worked better for the plumber too! Otherwise we would have had to tear up our guest room to work with the plumbing.  I believe them (contractors and such) when they say house remodels are so much harder than a new construction.  You have to be clever to figure out the previous man's work.

Did you notice the fancy linoleum pictured above that was in the house a time or two before us?

Future island, except you have to add 16' of over hang to the east/right in this picture.

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jweed said...

you guys should think about keeping that linoleum!