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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Executive Decision

Executive Decision, we decided it was time to sell this couch.

Sure, it's a great couch. Beautiful couch. However, with the barnwood going on the wall behind it we needed a couch with some color. Turquoise color, that is! The couch was sold to a good home. Actually, the gal is a friend and she had her eyes on this couch before we snagged it without knowing. Crazy the way this couch went full circle on us. 

We had been couch shopping all the way to LA and combed every furniture shop in SLC. We had been snubbed by many hoity toity high class wannabes too. Makes me snarl to think of Mr. Italian leather too good guy from the (say in a high voice while shaking your head side to side) "Light Spot great and powerful." Your couches weren't even comfortable.  Go back to the Italy drawing board dude!
I digress.
Where was I--right, we could not find a couch we were looking for--the couch that fit like a pair of jeans (previous post)

1) We needed a comfortable couch

2) A couch we could both fit on if we were to watch a movie

3) A couch I could put my feet up on at the end of the day

We found it at Lofgren's in SLC.  We had been to this furniture shop early on, but we didn't think to revisit it when we were on the hunt. We're dumb like that. We walked in to the furniture shop and hallelujah, beam of light after 5 min of entering the store.  The sales lady was astonished at our quickness.  She stopped in the middle of typing up the order and asked, "Have you guys always made decisions this fast?" Mat and I looked at each other and grinned knowing each other all too well, "Why, yes we have," laughing. We don't spend a whole lot of time debating and wasting time about the obvious.  We know pretty quickly if it is going to work or not. We bought our house in 3 days, decided baby names within minutes of birth, bought cars in less than a week, what's for dinner?--already had it at 4PM.... :)

Now, picture turquoise and up against 70 year old barnwood.  Now, clap really fast (or don't party pooper), but this couch works.

It has all of the above, I can lounge, it's comfy, we both fit and BONUS we can fit more people on it with is't slight curve.  This couch will go exactly opposite of what it is pictured.Brain teaser! It takes 10wks to make, which will probably be done just in time for the remodel to be done considering the rate it's going. I'm excited to find some fun pillows to go on it.

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Emily S. said...

I've been wondering about your remodel! Looks like you are in full swing! So exciting!!!!