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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Update on Haiti

I've been worried about Mat ever since I sent him straight into the eye of the hurricane.  His flight was canceled Sunday morning because of the storm, but fortunately he was able to fly out Monday morning and make the most of his time down there.

Here's what he had to say upon arrival:

We finally arrived. Our plane was delayed another 90 minutes on the tarmac for some technical problems, so we ended up getting here around 1:30.  The airport was super busy because no flights had come in or out for a few days and everyone was trying to get back.  Dr. Cadet picked us up and drove us to the church where we met with a young guy who works for the church humanitarian mission here.  They had lunch for us and we planned out what we were going to do.  Because we had arrived late, they sent the patients home and told them to come back tomorrow :(  which was a bummer. So they just took us to the hotel and dropped us off and said we'll see you tomorrow.  We'll head out at 8AM to the hospital, which is supposedly close and have a bunch of patients waiting for us.  We are at Le Plaza Hotel, which is pretty nice all things considered.  Getting here was like driving through a war zone.  Everything is in disrepair.  The roads go from paved to cobbles to dirt to really rocky dirt in the space of a block.  There are people everywhere standing around or in little groups just talking.  You wonder what they are all up to and what they go home to at night.  We walked just down the street from the hotel for a few minutes because it sort of looked like a place tourists might go, but we quickly turned around as we were the only white people and we started getting shouted at for money from groups of guys all sitting around.  I was very hesitant to take photos as I didn't feel safe even pulling out my phone.  The hotel seems very secure, however, with a high wall and gate, so I'll just chill here and be content.  I'll let you know tomorrow how it goes.  Hope you guys are doing well and know I love you.

Love, Mat

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