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Monday, August 27, 2012

Mat's First Day in Primary

Mat recently was called to primary in our church.  He is a teacher for the 11 yr old boys.  Before they separate for classes they have what's called sharing time where they teach all the children at one time some moral or scripture concept.  They were playing pictionary and Mat was helping Micah to draw a strong family.  He suggested that she draw our family with strong arms hoping the rest of the primary would get it.  Micah proceeds to draw this:


Mat seeing the unsightly third leg tried to jump in and help her by making a skirt and telling Micah that was a very nice picture she drew of Mom.


Micah protested with HASTE!  "That's you! Don't you see your privates right there (points to unsaid third leg)! No! I don't want you to make a skirt, that's not Mom--THAT'S YOU!"  Mat hears chuckles in amongst the other teachers.  Hopeless. So there it stayed on the chalkboard, until sharing time was over.


Welcome to Primary!


Amber said...

I'm sure it was the most entertaining sharing time the teachers had had in a long time! Love it!

jweed said...

best sharing time ever! hilarious.

Kristen said...

Wow, that's hilarious.