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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Tribute To Our Baby Doll

Our Baby Doll (van) has served us well, but I'm afraid she is not doing very well these days. She's a 2002 with 153,000 miles and is very sick. She's getting harder to take care of and with each stretch down the road another light comes on.  I'm torn really when you think about our history.


Check out the eyebrow she grew this summer.  There is no way she'll pass inspection in a year.


She has a sense of humor--like the time she wouldn't start all week when Mat was in Vietnam and then I took her to the mechanic and he could find nothing wrong with her.  I gave her a good kick in the tire for that one! And the day before moving day in West Virginia when she wouldn't start.  I would roll her down the hill in neutral and then slip her into drive to get her started---then she would stall at the top of the hill. Those who have lived in West Virginia all know that those roads are not the roads to stall on.  Also, she made me drive her across country with a box taped on my foot because the motor broke in the seat to scooch me up.


Ahhh! But she has taken us everywhere; MJ's in Harrisburg, lunch dates at UNC Chapel Hill, Roanoake and Ocracoke in Outer Banks, Brian's wedding in New York, Brian's house and Mat's test in Boston, the Honeycrisp apple orchards of Minneapolis, the beach in SC, the tree house in Georgia, the dim sum happy hour in DC, Amelia Island in FL, the high points of SC, GA, TN, the Biltmore, the rainstorms of Topeka,KS, Amish Country, Aspen, and Utah.


Anytime you spill water on Baby Doll's carpet it stink for days.  You have to leave the doors open to air her out.  I've given up on scraping out what is in between the floor boards--it's hopeless. But, you love her. She has been a good little car to haul us around in our dirty baby years and all of our gear that goes with us.  We wish your parts well.


Take care baby doll. Brings a tear to my eye.

The Harris Family


Next on our list is Mat's mountain bike. I guess when you've been married this long you start to replace things. Anyone have a million? He's had this since we were in undergrad and the gears are now busted.  I think he should get one with a basket.  What do you think?


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shelob said...

Get a slightly deeper basket for the bike . . .

So do you have a Baby Doll replacement figured out?