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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

T-Shirt Making-Enrichment UNAUTHORIZED

I love Colleen! You bet your pretty neck I do. She was so kind to take an evening in St. George to teach us how to expand our creative juices making our own personal T-shirts out of printouts and freezer paper.  That's all I think about now is how I can improve my boring plain T-shirts and make them better. Spunky. Pizazz. A Statement.

I ruined one of my favorite shirts in the washer. Dunno how my T-shirt was the only one ruined out of the batch, but that is the story of me life!  So I enhanced my blue-ink, tie-die into an Indian damask print. It was Colleen's suggestion and we happened to find a nice one on Dannielle's panel in her office. I now can wear my yeller with pride thanks to my dear funny friend and Dannielle's fish tacos to sustain us through the party.

 Dannielle worked on running T-shirts for her church run.
 My orange T-shirt was a simple saying of "meh."in muddy brown.
 Grace is wearing my yellow T
 Mat's Acquire T-shirt for all of those who have played the game.

 And the kids kept themselves busy doing their thing.

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