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Monday, August 20, 2012

Mamma's on a Health Kick

Watch out!  We're trying to do better after all of our summer party foods.  Don't get me wrong,  Nutella will never leave our house, but I am enforcing a strict vegetable rule on my kids.  It's rather chilly in our house around dinnertime. You've probably tried them--Kale Chips?

break off kale leaves from the stem
spray with olive oil
sprinkle with sea salt
bake at 300 for 25 min or so (keep an eye on them)

I think they are choice salad toppers.  Maybe I can talk Cafe Rio into putting those on instead of the tortilla chip strips. Doubt it.

Ideas for kid lunches?


Jenny said...

I LOVE kale chips!

Holly said...

Are they good? I just bought some kale for a soup, but there is so much I might try these.

Amber said...

Love the kale chips, my kids eat them before they get to the table and I'm totally cool with that! My kids like tortilla wraps with cream cheese(I know, not so healthy), lunch meat, spinach or purple cabbage. You can sneak a lot into a wrap.

shelob said...

Kale also freezes well for soups later in the winter. Just don't thaw it or it'll be nasty.