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Thursday, August 30, 2012

First Moments of Soccer

Gretchen and Micah have decided to join the jock side and play soccer for the Fall and Spring.  Both were a little weary about it--they don't know the rules, I don't know the rules. Gretchen fortunately gains confidence by the truck loads with each kick and know how.  After the Olympics, you would have thought she had been a gymnast for years! Well, now she is a professional soccer player.


Mic: "Gretchen, just get in there and kick the ball down the field as fast as you can."
Gret: "Mo-om? I'm a defender. I'm going to protect the goal. You don't really know how to play this game."

Mouth closed.


Micah is another note. She has a cute way about her when she plays and only in her own Micah fashion. With a brush of her hair or an adjustment of her outfit--she is delightful to watch. Toes are pointed before and after she kicks.  If you're lucky, she might even do an A La Seconde or Efface  as demonstrated below after she performs ONE kick

This is how we're going to be spending our Saturdays.   It will be fun watching these two.



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