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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Jamaica Finish

Thursday was pretty low key. We were waiting for our appointment with Dr. Lue at 3pm , so we needed to come up with something to entertain us. We didn't have a car so we decided to walk to lunch. We had heard about JoJo's for jerk. It's kind of hidden in a gravel driveway that you would assume was a commercial plumbing business. Very similar to hodge podge of West Virginia--no offense, but the streets could use some organizing.

You turn the corner and you find paradise

Of course you have to compare their jerk with Scotchies --I vote scotchies.

Here is the charcoal they use to cook all of the jerked meats

Mat had the fish and chips and I had the mozzerrella, cucumber and tomato salad and we had a taste of Bro Hunsakers pork.

Classic no shooting sign

We got to 3PM and while we were sitting in the parking lot we got a phone call from Dr. Lue telling us he was stuck in surgery and would not be able to meet us. Wah, Wah. That was pretty much the day.

Sometimes you don't know why things happen the way they do, but you quickly get the Lord's answer in due time. Like yesterday, when the whole day was shot after our meeting was cancelled.  Well, that was because by coming on Friday morning, all the right people happen to be there. Like this government employee who happened to be with her dad for his eye appointment. She knew the right people to contact in order to get our equipment we were donating through customs.  And, the ocular plastic surgeon happened to walk into the break to put away her lunch.  Mat was able to talk with her to find out the kind of training she needed to help serve the people of Jamaica. There were some surgeries she didn't feel comfortable about doing and needed to be shown how.  Mat ill be coming back down to help her once the equipment gets through.

We later drove up on top of the hill where the rich are said to live

then we were told by a cab driver to get some air in our tire.

We had lunch with the Jamaican Mission President, who is our age, at our favorite hotspot.

And we finished up the day visiting Cane River Falls, just east of Kingston. A local who was there said Bob Marley used to come here and hang out. Who knows if that was true, but it was a cool place. photo photo photo We headed home Saturday to our kids, who we missed dearly. Thanks to Bob for watching them and making our trip possible.

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