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Monday, April 7, 2014

Framing on the House and Stair Makeover

Our intention is to open up the house if haven't already guessed. We are changing our stairs to open treads to let the light peak through and give it a modern flare. This is sort of what it is going to look likeHouse remodel
As far as the rest of the house, the half wall from the entry is up. Just behind it will be our computer desk. House remodel This is from the kitchen. I'm standing where our old sink used to be. House remodel We got our lights all figured out and we shall have light! The rom was terribly dark and I have a feeling it will be quite the opposite. Here are some of the cans that ware wired and getting tested out. House remodel Loft is all cleared out too! House remodel It's also not so safe either without the railings. I told the kids to not go off of the carpet or they would fall to their death. House remodel And about that mess...I won't even go there. I'm on a count down as to when I can clean out every closet and wipe down every surface. House remodel

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