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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Moab memorial Ride

As many of you know, Mat's dad passed away in the line of duty. The state has gone above and beyond to recognize those who have sacrificed their lives. It's nice to know that they are not forgotten and that their families have a good support group. In the picture below and to the far right is an officer named Brody. He was shot 9 times and was able to survive. They wanted to dedicate this officers ride to him, but instead he felt it should be dedicated to the ones who have fallen. He felt like he was lucky and got to live, these men didn't.

  Moab memorial ride Moab memorial ride
This year they were honoring Mat's dad Dan. They invited the families the day before the public ride and they placed markers for those officer's they were honoring. Everyone used their rock hopping vehicle to drive and recognize those heros. Dan was number two on the course. Moab memorial ride
 Gretchen doing her Muscleman impression out the window because it was so thrillingMoab memorial ride
Oh! And did I mention cousins? The kids were in heaven and breathless spending time with their cousins. Lots of loaded laughter. Moab memorial ride
Hollywood and Avery were inseparable. They could not be apart even if it was a bathroom break! Moab memorial ride
 Mat unfortunately didn't have enough time to arrange work and he had to miss it, and boy was he missed! I made everyone pinky swear that they would come back next year so he could be apart of it. This is absolutely Mat's world and it was hard enjoy it without him. Pictured: Tom (brother), Bob, Andrea, and Lindsay (sister). Moab memorial ride
 We went on some hikes and played in the sand. Moab memorial ride
 The Harris kids have a lot of complaining to bury, that's all I can say! Man my kids are whiners when it comes to any form of exercise.Moab memorial ride
Of course when you get to your destination, it makes it all worth it. Oh, what's that? No complaining?

Right. Moab memorial ride

 This was a nice shady spot to rest on the way down while the youngers caught up. We called it our Google nap spot and Becket was trying to charge passerbys .50 cents per nap if they were willing. Moab memorial ride
 They hotel we stayed out was so kid friendly and safe. They kids really owned it by the 2nd day. They were off to the playground, swimming pool, personal pancake maker like regular bonafide adults Moab memorial ride
Next year (I hope)

Moab memorial ride

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