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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Laundry Room Tear Down

While I was off playing in Moab, Mat was ripping it up until 2AM in the morning tearing up our laundry room. He tore up all of the bamboo wood floor, and underlying vinyl, to prepare it for the tile we'll have installed. I find it funny that in places where we had wood, we're putting tile and places where we had tile, we're putting wood. Go figure! To each their own to make their own. We have Uncle Curtis coming to put in the tile on Wednesday, so we needed to get this area prepped with hardie backer board (a subfloor of sorts). Honestly, I didn't even know what it was, but I like the name. I would love to invent something just so I could name it.

 Our poor cabinets got ripped up during the asbestos removal. We are trying to decide what to do with that mistake. Repaint? Buy new ones from IKEA? I don't like that they aren't adjustable shelves so that is why I was considering new logical ones.image
 Here's our guest bathroom for anyone who wants use it. image
 Our kids think it is so funny that our toilet is in the hall. Funny grade school humor.image
 Mat has been working on a sliding barn door to go across our middle closet. in our laundry room. The other two closets will be cubby storage. The picture is so dark because that is usually how projects run around here. You start in the early morning and finish late at night. photo
 Okay, I took one the next morning and the picture isn't that much better, I suppose I should slow down when snapping?


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