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Monday, April 7, 2014

April Fools

For April Fools this year, I switched all the cereals out of their boxes. When the kids went to pour a bowl of cereal they quickly realized they had been pranked. As a result, Becket decided to change the names on all of the boxes to what he thought they should be. April fools
  I also decided to saran wrap Mat's car before his church meeting got out. The kids thought they were hysterical and they were quite jumpy for fear that the Mister was going to come out and catch them in the act. April fools
  The secretaries were also up to no good. They were foiling everything on Mr. Shaw's desk. He was out to meetings and it was the perfect time to do some damage. He was sure foiled! April fools April fools All have to jot down that one for the books!

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