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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Outside of House

Pictures of the new house.  It's a 1970's house and because of that, it has an unique design, and we love it! Here is the front of the house


There are a lot of lovely trees in the front of the house.  I am now collecting birdhouses, so if any of you find any interesting ones, point me in that direction or send them to me and I'll reimburse you.

Front Door- Lindsay inspired pine cone wreath.  I had a square box so I spray painted my endless pine cones out back and molded them in a square shaped box.  With heaps of glue I removed the box and a solid overnight dry, I now have an inexpensive wreath on my door that goes with the natural trees out front.


Left side of the house


This picture goes from the left side of the backyard to the center of the backyard.

photo backyard photo Moving indoors tomorrow


Emily S. said...

Love it! Love the wreath! Love the trees! I can't wait to see it in person. We need to plan a visit...

Kelli said...

Love! I seriously think you have the best taste. I'm looking forward to seeing the inside. By the way, I noticed Gretchen's latest comment. Did Mat get a motorcycle?? Don't tell Jared if he did.

Kristen said...

Your house looks awesome! I love all the trees. We miss you guys!

shelob said...

Best yard ever (minus the lattice, which I agree has to go)! Very minimal lawn mowing AND you have garden boxes. Wow.