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Friday, May 4, 2012

Mod Room and Dining Room

Because this house has some character, we can get away with a modern/industrial/unique style (or so I hope). In the main room in our house, we've decided to go modern. Mat's had his eye on some designer knock offs and we can't wait to tackle this room. Like this Eames Lounge Chair ... and the Womb Chair

Here's what you face when you walk in through the front door, the closet needs to go with a remodel in a few years. All in due time. I'm going to walk you towards the left stairs. You can see the dining room on the upper level, remember that.
Here's the mod room. You can see a little bit of the front door as I turned the corner to the left. photo photo
Here is the living room standing from the front window looking back into to the house. You can see the dining room--that's your compass.

We did happen to stumble upon this treasure Tuesday. We snagged it and think it will be a great addition in this room.

photo Here's the dining room: photo

 Here's another piece we grabbed too. It's a buffet made out of doors which compliments my door table  perfectly.


More pictures to come.


Rachel said...

I love you posting all these pics of your house - keep em coming! Very cool house.

Kelli said...

Love it! I also appreciate your compass and orientation instructions, it really helped me imagine the layout.

Jeanette said...

I love the MOD room, what a great fireplace wall and amazing windows. I look forward to seeing how you piece your furniture together. How Fun! Love the buffet. I also love how the brick continues into your foyer. Kaylee is on the hunt for a birdhouse for the Harris' cool front yard.

shelob said...

Yay, the table's out and in use again! I love that you found a buffet to go with it. Who would have thought?

Seriously, I need to take you with me when I need to buy furniture. Will you come out to Iowa when I finally have a house?

Melanie said...

wow,wow,wow! love this house and it just seems like a perfect match for you. Can't wait to see it in person and see what amazing things you do with it....awesome.

Kristen said...

I can't imagine you guys in a more perfect house for you. Love the new furniture.

jweed said...

love it all. it has Harris style written all over it.