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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Ding Dong: Appliance Delivery

Com on in Mr. Appliance Delivery man

In order to move the appliances in,  we got rid of the hot tub to make it a smooth delivery.


We were thinking about getting rid of it anyway. It takes up hot realty space on our patio and hot tubs are germy.


I made a deal with the kids, lets go swimming at the rec, where they take care of the maintenance for us and eventually we'll build a playhouse in the backyard. A handshake happened over sandwiches and it was a done deal.  Minutes after listing it on KSL it was gone.  I sympathized with this gal who wanted to give it to her husband for Father's Day. Never sympathize unless you plan to move it yourself (enlisting your own family and neighbors), waiting 2hrs later than she told you, and getting no thanks for it.


Monday morning:

Fridge, Freezer, steam oven, oven, dishwasher (oh! how I've missed you), ice machine, and stove top. We welcome you and we hope you'll like your life-time stay here.


My salad dressings will fit all in one section, so will my tall stuff and weird shaped stuff.


Steam and regular oven, here's your new hangout.
Steam oven fun facts:

Benefits of steam-oven cooking

  • Steam-cooked foods retain more of their flavour, texture and colour (this is especially true of vegetables)
  • Less vitamins, minerals and nutrients are lost than with dry-heat cooking. This often means it isn't necessary to add salt or oil
  • The moist nature of steam heat means that the food doesn't dry out
  • Different types of food can share the oven without transfer of flavour (see the YouTube video)
  • Steam ovens are relatively easy to keep clean and avoid the problem of baked-in spillage associated with conventional ovens

What can be cooked in a steamer?

Most foods are suitable for steam cooking: meat, fish, vegetables, pasta, potatoes, bread and desserts.


The rest will be installed once the cabinets are fixed and the plumber has installed them.

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