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Friday, May 16, 2014

What I do in the meantime....

While I literally wait for the mud to dry (drywall mud), I venture outside to see what I can stir up.  I decided it would be advantageous to move my garden boxes down by my patio.

Reason #1 I can look out my kitchen window and see what produce I have to use
Reason #2 More sunshine to grow that said produce
Reason #3 I now want to put in a fire pit where my garden boxes used to be

Crazy to start yet another project, but we've had beautiful weather and I HAD a great book to listen to, called the Kitchen House. It's nice to disappear and escape into someone elses world.  I pop in my headphones and dig away in my brainless motions.  Needless to say, I now need another book--the yardwork just isn't as fun.


I've also been learning a thing or two about sprinklers thanks to my right hand man/contractor Jeff. He's been teaching me the ropes.

I figured out that this would be a cracked sprinkler head and that is why it is watering everything, BUT my plants.


This is what I call the flood of '14.  Broken pipe somewhere and I have yet to find it.


Jeff asked me not to touch this one and that he would do it. Obviously, my skills are very novice.


Oh yeah, the mom stuff. These kids have been troopers. With a little ice cream at 9PM it will get us through one more Home Depot trip.  Gretchen is a tad teary eyed because she was sword fighting with Becket using 10ft PVC pipe---until Becket THWAPPED her on the head.  She always turns into a barking chihuahua when she gets hurt and Becket always tries to soothe her by telling her to get over it using his lecturing tactics.  It takes about ten minutes to calm everyone down in aisle 11, but we eventually move to the front of the store to check out.


I've also managed to make it to a few of the end of the year programs.  I wouldn't say I'm showered or put together in anyway, but I'm there.  My camera skills are like my sprinkler skills--not so good. Micah is in the back--the blurry one.

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