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Friday, March 2, 2012

Motivated Mover

You know how there are motivated sellers? Well, living in our little apartment has made me a "motivated mover."  I know it is a 1st world complaint in many ways compared to the rest of the world, but my place is so unorganized and jammed that I need to be set free with a basement to run in. Don't get me wrong,  I truly am glad where we planted ourselves here for this first while.  I've got a couple of good buddies, a running/walking partner who faithfully meets me in the mornings and I have found my way around most shopping centers and libraries. There were also so many unforeseen things this new year that I'm glad we hunkered down and sought out patience before our wants of a house.  But, now that we're getting hang of things, we have passionately started looking for a house. We have found one and have had our offer accepted as of last Sunday. When the news came I froze and wasn't WAY excited about it like a new homeowner should be. To be honest, I'm a little nervous to buy a house seeing the economy right now, since the house we'll buy will be in for life and if we didn't love it, it would be hard to sell.

It is a little Frank Lloyd Wright-ish, straight out of the 70s, but I feel like we can make it our own with some renovations. It also fits us with it's unique character and access to the mountains.

So here are some photos from the inspection.

Living Room with lots of natural light


Picture from the living room looking up to the dining room/ loft up above


Loft with extra seating to the left


Downstairs basement with Becket meditating


Mat's man cave/slash gym (pardon the cupboards being open, there was an inspection taking place)


Girl's room


Guest room with bathroom


Part of the kitchen--sorry I didn't take a good picture of this one


Laundry Room


Dining room


Our loved Realtor who is part of our family, meet Ron.



Kelli said...

WHAT!? You guys have a house!!! Congrats!

McArthur Family said...

a HOUSE!!! Yay! I actually was thinking of you yesterday while reading your blog saying to myself, "how in the world do they live in an apartment with a kitchen that size...Mic is such a great cook and I'm sure wishes she had more space..."

and now you do have kitchen to look forward to cooking your creations in!!! I'm happy for you!

Caroline said...

I'm dying to know where it's located. And I'm very happy with you. You will love the space.

shelob said...

Hurray! So cool! And I'm thinking, "What needs to be renovated?" Man, I'm never gonna sell my house . . .

Sandy White said...


Becky Adams said...

Congrats on a beautiful home!! That laundry room looks HUGE! Maybe that would actually make doing laundry a little more pleasant... if that is even possible... Good luck!