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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Becket's new do after 7.5 yrs

Becket's hair has always long and shaggy with a hint of curl his whole 8yr old life minus his baldness until age 2 :) It was getting too wingy dingy on the sides and staticky most days so I threw up my hands and got him an appointment. And you all know when you make up your mind about hair it has to be done tomorrow.


On the way there, I kind of had to prep Becket with what I was about to do because he likes to worry.  I told him if he didn't like it, it would always grow back.  He in return was so fidgety in his seat and repeatedly tried to politely tell me why this wasn't a good idea for the whole ride down there.

After he got his rock star haircut and doused with attention, he couldn't help but smile about it. Even cuter, he couldn't wait to show his number one hero, his dad. 

As for the girls, no cuts for them, but they did start a interpretive dance party in the front of the salon with some of the employees.Wow!




Kelli said...

Lookin' good, Beck! What a handsome guy. It almost looks like his hair is straightened, or did all the curls just get cut off?

The Singer Family said...

Wow! Are you still just staring at him b/c he looks so different? Cute and grown up--looks like he needs some skinny jeans and a guitar! :)

shelob said...

So cute! And very him.