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Monday, March 26, 2012

City Sleek and Shabby

Mat was invited to take pictures of the Temple Garden Tour Guides and it happened to be on the day that the new City Creek Mall opened. I decided I better come and check it out with the kids! Right across the street from the SLC Temple is a wonderland of Bellagio fountains, classy high end shops, and good eats.

Let the adventure begin!


Behold the Fire Place


While sitting by the fire we were entertained by our famous local cellist Steven Sharp Nelson. Um, he's amazing and with the atmosphere it was so perfect!


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Caroline said...

This is going to be a selfish comment BUT I endured all the traffic and construction boo hoos. I had to figure out where Deseret Book was again and again cause it moved 3 times. I had to figure sneaky places to park and how to navigate myself into the temple parking lot. I didn't complain (well maybe, but lets just say I didn't) because I knew I would be one of those locals who would stroll through City Creek it's first week, and many weeks after that. But wait! I moved away, and you moved in. SOrt of no fair? And I'm still paying SLC taxes!

ok, sorry. I'm glad you got to go see it! It looks fabulous:) And your kids look chic and fit right in.