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Monday, July 28, 2014

Starting to Feel like Home

I told my kids that our challenge today was to fill up the fridge.  We had no food upon returning home from our trip.  Becket was really in on the game.  When we got home and put away our groceries there was plenty of room to spare in the fridge and freezer. Becket and I had a good laugh.

House remodel

From our entry way-

House remodel

We still need to put the walnut trim and the finishing touches on the desk area.

Trim around the window complete.

House remodel

Walnut finished by the ovens

House remodel

Paper pulled up and vacuumed

Oregon coast 2014

House remodel

AND the barstools put in place.  They are rainbow, happy, and comfortable.  I love them!

House remodel

Happy day! We are feeling more normal (if there ever was a normal).

House remodel


Amber said...

Wow Mic!! It looks so amazing! Great job, it's a rough deal re-modeling :).

Sandy White said...

So beautiful! I love the retro-modern feel of it.