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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

New Carpet for the guest room

The last of our gross carpet was replaced in the guest room.  I believe it was vintage carpet from the 70's when our house was originally built. You're welcome future guests, and yes I will get to replacing the guest room trailer shower--but don't be shy to stop in and say hi.


I tried to match up the carpet as best as I could in the store--carpet height, color, density and what not, but when I got it home, no deal.

My foot (wearing Becket's basketball socks, closest thing I could grab because of the carpets being clean) is on the guest room side.


Much lighter as you can see.  It's still soft and cushy and it has already been charged. We'll live with it.

Without Mat in town, getting the guest room ready and whipped back into shape proposed a challenge.


Luckily, my mom was up to purchase a new car. Say, hi mom. Hi mom. Oh and hi awesome car so bold and green.


and she brought my brother Casey.  Hi Casey.


He helped me take down the bed and with a little pleading, I got my contractor and my floor guy to help me set it up again.  He was a jolly gentleman saying it was only going to take but a few minutes, actually it was a good thirty.  Ikea beds are hard without the dummy picture instructions.



Nathan Riley said...

Guests often feel awkward when invited to another person's home. I've always thought that the psychology behind that is that guest rooms look just like they are, which are rooms for guests. I think making a room feel more comfortable and natural is the best way to make an invited friend over feel more at home. In any case, installing the carpet in the guest room definitely achieved that cozy feeling. Good call! Anyway, thanks for sharing that! All the best! :)

Nathan Riley @ Stanley Steemer

Anonymous said...

The carpet you purchased does have a different hue than the other one, but I still think it was a good deal. Anyway, the room looks amazing! Good thing your brother Casey was there to help you out with the bed. How are things doing there nowadays? I hope you were able to keep the carpet all clean and neat. Thanks for sharing!

Anne Marsh @ ABE Cleaning Services