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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Old Friends

Mj planned a cook out with all her friends and all the people I have grown to love.  They really are my Pennsylvanian family and I was looking forward to seeing everybody. I think it has been almost 2yrs. Because of the party, we thought it would be wise to have an easy day. A little tidying in the morning, lunch at Chuck. E. Cheese, and pick up last minute groceries at Giant.


This machine can entertain my children for hours.


And the party begins!

In roll the people, the hugs, kisses, and food. Happy day!


My mom pitched right in and helped Mia with her famous egg rolls.


She made extra for people to take home and freeze.


Who I was really looking forward to sitting with, was Mary Jo's brother Joe.  Can you see why? Hilarious.


Causally eating and enjoying the company on MJ's patio.


Dear old Mrs. Lingus, Mary Jo's thick accent Greek neighbor.  Conversation a couple days prior.

MJ: "Mrs. Lingus, you remember the cook out Wednesday at 6?"
Mrs. Lingus: "Oh yeah, yeah Mary Jo.  Yous have plenty of food for me?"
Mj: "Yes we will!"
Mrs. Lungus: "Yes. Yes. That is good.  See yous then. Okay Mary Jo.  See yous."

That conversation was repeated Monday night, Tuesday morning, Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. I love her.


More Friends Joe, Cass, Mary Jo, Phil (MJ's borther), Phil again, Dom, Joe, Liz (Dom's mother and MJ's grade school friend with a contagious laugh), Rocco (Liz's husband) Kathie

Mary top left, Eileen bottom left, and Chris (Mrs. Linguses son)

Sam and my mom had a lengthy discussion about SLC. He used to visit there a lot to ski.  His dear wife was missed.  She is a French lady, almost 80, who recently had hip surgery. She loves Becket and thinks he is going to be a special person someday.  She tells me every time I see her.  Love her.

Sam carries a clipboard everywhere he goes to write down stuff he later wants to research or learn.  He couldn't remember the hotel that was torn down across the street from the SLC temple.  So, he wrote it down and called Mary Jo's phone the next day and asked to talk to my mom. It was the Salt Lake Inn.


Mary took the time to look at Gretchen's coins from the auction.


Cass brought gifts for the kids, drawing books with colored pencils.  So thoughtful.


and the Dogs!


Mary Jo had so much fun chatting that MJ couldn't focus long enough to feed the dogs, so Eileen reminder her with one of her classic notes.


We stayed up until midnight talking after everyone had left. I think I convinced Dom to come out and see us. Maybe.


Kids had been passed out for hours.


Fabulous friends all because I had too many kindergartners my first year of teaching in Harrisburg, and this lady was transferred to help relieve my load.  Since then, she's held all my babies fresh from birth and spoiled them since!



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