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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Boston to Pennsylvania

We flew out of Boston and Mat flew back home, he was terribly missed. We waited a good while on the Tarmac to fly down to BWI to meet up with MJ. They were having heavy rain and tornado warnings.  Luckily, JetBlue takes good care of you with plenty of snacks and TV.  My kids didn't even realize we weren't in the air yet.  Upon landing Becket threw up on my right and then Gretchen on my left.  Life's moments that are comical.  There was a cute middle aged man who turned around and offered his puke bag to me. I love it when complete strangers are empathetic. It restores my faith in human nature.

On the ground safe and sound we found MJ! Happy day.


We also met up with our dear friend Eileen. These two women have had more of an impact on me to be a better person, mother, and enjoy the journey, during my impressionable motherhood years.  You know how you can think of people you want to be like when you're older, well, these two are high on the list. They are true saints and more Christ like than I could ever be.  They have taught me just by their example and kindness.


We spent one day at the Roots auction (pronounce ruts).  It's in Lancaster county (pronounce Lane-cust-er) where it is down home country fun. The auction is only on Tuesdays and I've always wanted to go.  When I lived in Pennsylvaina, I would always remember the auction on Friday and become frustrated pounding it in my head that it is only on Tuesday.

Van ride down


Lots of people bring their goods to sell, including the Amish and their loaded Whoopie pies and Angel Food cakes.



Vegetables, sub sandwiches, accessories ..we managed to buy an Amish bird house, a serving tray, old civil war coins, foreign coins, pocket knife, rare rocks and gems.




Toilet seat cover was also purchased by MJ.  She was very happy and couldn't stop talking about it. She reminded us about it the whole way home.


We later spent time in the Kitchen Kettle village where you can buy homemade jams and salsa from the Amish.  We grabbed a fresh lemonade and chocolate covered pretzels and had us a snake on this perfect summer day.  Gretchen put pretzels into Mj's mouth using her new peacock jeweled hair clip. Good thing Mary Jo is casual enough not to care that it's been in her hair.






There was also a game of hide and seek.


Can you spot Gretchen any where?

 We followed up the day with a dog walk and a big bag of stale nuts to feed the squirrels at the capitol  IMG_2902 IMG_2904 IMG_2919 IMG_2921 IMG_2922

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