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Monday, April 22, 2013

Girl's Unite After a Decade has Passed

We haven't been together (ALL OF US) together since our high school graduation cruise in 1996.  We've met up with bunches of us here and there, but never with every single one of use present. It took some balancing to get all of our schedules to align, and there were still little interruptions in between, but for the most part we set aside the time to catch up. I think next time we'll have to go to some far away remote location!

I rode down with the Salt Lake bunch, Katie and Jenny.  I had to reintroduce Katie and Jenny because they hadn't talked in so long. "Katie, meet Jenny. Jenny, meet Katie." We needed the complete 4.5 hr drive just to fill in the empty ten year gap.


We ate, laughed, and luckily didn't pee (which happened quite often when we were younger) over old times.

Girls weekend April 2013

I still shake my head at some of the things we did and I also tried to forget many.  We all agreed that we felt like we were in our mid twenties, not in our mid thirties. We refused to believe we had all aged. We reflected on how lucky we were to have a fun high school experience. I know not many can say that I LOVED high school, but we had a pretty good group of close knit friends that kept us singing and mentally healthy. Shout out to those not here like neighbors I grew up with and the other students I went to school with in the upper and lower years. They too had just as great of influence.

You also learn great tips on girl getaways, like this handy caddy Traci keeps in her purse.  When she wants a purse that matches, she just takes this out and puts it into one that fits her outfit.  Snazzy huh? That still may be too much for me to think about doing, but I like the organization of it.

Girls weeken

We did take a break from eating and grabbed some pedicures. Our little pedicurists were not the nicest and may have cut Becky's toe just weeks before her ironman, but we still came out with colorful toes and another memory to share down the road.


We have also made jumps in technology and smart phones since 1996.  All three checking messages while talking at the same time.


On our way to dinner, a funny coincidence unfolded. We had to drop off a carseat to Katie's parents house, so we drove out on our way to dinner in Kayenta.  On her street, Fire lived next door and Joe, our other friend, lived across the street.  Joe happened to be visiting his folks and was playing with his kids outside. We hollered hi at Joe and as he walked over,  imagine his surprise when all 7 of us popped out of Becky's ride?  A weird Flashback set in! He too reminded us of many embarrassing high school stunts, in classic Joe style, as we caught up on one of our old hangout streets in Santa Clara.

Here we are 17 years later: Brooke, Tana, Jenny, Traci, Becky, Marisa, ME, Katie, and Fire aka Tenisha.


Mat was cute and kept me posted on the kid's soccer games, Gretchen's new bike makeover, and Micah's cute hair that he tried to do for Sunday.



I also got to see my mom for a wee minute and ran to church with her for the sacrament. Thanks for picking me up! I am such a whirlwind--I know I probably drive my mom nutty with squeezing every last ounce of activity in, but she's mastered my craziness from all the experience she had from when I was in high school. Some things never change and never make sense most of the time, right mom?

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