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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Armenia in May

It's official.  Mat and I are going to Armenia in May for a medical mission.  I'm very excited.  I've never been across the ocean before and I'm delighted.  Remember, my family's idea of vacation was taking the long way to Mesquite, NV when I was growing up?  I will be halfway around the world in Armenia.  I had to look it up actually.  I knew it was eastern Europe, just not sure where. It's just down from Turkey and next Iran.

We will be representing the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  We will dress like missionaries and be a companionship, hence why I'm joining Mat, I have to be his guardian and rule follower. No staying up after curfew!   Elder and Sister Stone set up this service mission, so we will be meeting up with them once we get to Yerevan. Glad we have people who know where they are going. Mat is going to train Dr. Armine (ironic Armine, Armenia) on the surgeries he knows how to do. He'll do one day of clinic and a couple days of surgery in Ararat. I will be hanging in the open air markets with the missionary couple buying sheep skin rugs (maybe). Luckily for us, Armenia has a military holiday right smack in the middle of our missionary week, so Mat and I will be forced to travel the country side because the hospital will be closed. We also have a significant layover in Vienna, Austria.  It will be in the wee hours of the AMs of our time, but I have been dying to step foot into Austria ever since the third grade.  I have got to stay energized for our layover in Vienna. The hills are alive!!

Ironically, I ran into two Armenian women at Jungle Jims. They gave me all sorts of tips, people don't wash themselves so beware of body oder, buy gold- it's cheap, go to the market, don't go out after 10PM, beware of gypsies, enjoy all the meats (funny since I've cut back). I think it's awesome in life when you're suddenly keenly aware of the people around you because of the changing circumstances in your life.  It's like buying a new car and then realizing how many other people are driving your car. Same with going to Armenia.  I now pay more attention when I hear the Russian language. My Costco bagger was from Azerbaijan and she said her country was way better than Armenia because they had the sea.  I guess I will note that every individual is proud of where they come from.


Meagan said...

Awesome opportunity! I'm a wee bit jealous. Nic served his mission in Austria, so if you need some tips lets us know. He never served in Vienna, but the mission home was there. Hope you guys have an amazing experience!

Kristen said...

How fun! That will be an awesome trip. Have a great time!

Rachel Oswald said...

You guys are the coolest. Can't wait to hear all about it!