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Monday, April 22, 2013

Birthday Party For my Brother Casey

We had my brother and his wife over to celebrate his birthday.  They also brought Poppy, their dog, which really-- he is celebrated every time he comes.  My kid's just think it's grand to have a dog in the house. Casey and Tiff also mesmerized my kids with their new purchase of a mini convertible. Coolest Aunt and Uncle ever! Convertibles spells class in the eyes of my kids.  Hello Hollywood! Pretty much puts us on the pathway to stardom.  They were nice to take them around the block in the mid 40 degree weather. You'd think they'd notice the chill, but they came whipping around the corner with their hands up as if they were on an exciting roller coaster ride.  Happy birthday Casey! Glad you're my brosef and that you live close to me now.

Casey's birthday 2013

As for my other brother Brian...I am so glad he and his wife are okay with the recent Boston Bombing this past week.  After a recent text during his lock down situation, he reported that they caught the younger brother only 3 miles away from his house in Cambridge. Phew! What a scary, unsettling week it has been.  I have to tip my hat to the Boston Police force and intelligence.  What a blessing to have these hard working officers in this country. When you offend and hurt innocent people in this country, you will have all of us looking for you. I'm amazed how quick they went from knowing nothing to catching them 4 days later. God bless the USA.

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