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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Not Kidding:Secret Admirer Note For Becket in Our Mailbox This Morning

I walked out to send the kids off on the bus and decided to slide over to grab the mail.  There was a long 12X18 piece of paper rolled up with a rubberband around sitting in my mailbox.  It was unlike any of my other junk mail:)

When I opened it this is what the note read:


It was straight out the Valentine Bernstein Bear book where Brother Bear gets a letter just like this.

After taking fingerprints and CSI-ing the evidence I have come to some conclusions

1) They chose the words "mushy and gushy" to express their sentiments to Becket, meaning that they know he HATES this holiday. Most 3rd grade boys do and it's clearly demonstrated in the picture below.  He's running over the Valentine's bear and the girls are frantic to save it. Would you look at that smile on his face?  He's enjoying this thoroughly-sisters screaming and love destroyed.


2) We don't have many kids in our neighborhood, so that means it was driven to our house and dropped off--getting the parents involved in it too.

I love a mystery and a challenge. Don't reveal yourself too soon, I'd like you to stew a little until we think up something clever.  We Harrises have a long history.

If you truly are a young spring chick that has your eye on my science absorbed, deep thinker, some times not giving you the time of day Becket, well, then come talk to me and ignore the above.

Oh! And somebody must be madly smitten with me because he left the frozen blueberries in the fridge.  I am so consumed by his thoughts that he can't think straight :-)

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jweed said...

It was Caroline. Sorry, I just couldn't keep it to myself any longer! ;) (okay, i just wish we were clever enough to "valentine fools" becket).