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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

DIY Reading Lamps, by Mat

I needed some better light to read by at night as I doze myself to sleep.  Mat got thinking and came up with these awesome industrial looking, swivel-swinging lights.  He really tries to stick to a project a week or every two weeks depending on his time.  These projects work out great for me!  I read a chapter last night from my Irish Country Wedding (previous post)

Here are the girls helping?

 or dancing?

Comments from the peanut gallery

I was getting ready in the bathroom hearing all this.
Micah: "Dad are you sure it's okay that you're drawing on the wall with pencil."
Mat: "Yes it's okay," then chuckles.
Micah:" I don't think Mom would want you putting holes in the wall?"
Mat:"I bought this house, meaning I get to do what I want with it."
Gretchen:"I want Dad to show me how to make a daisy chain."

DIY bedside lamps and book headboard

DIY bedside lamp

DIY bedside lamp

DIY bedside lamp

DIY Headboard and Lamps

As you can see by the tag on the photo, Mat started a blog with his DIY project  You can check it out if you're wanting to do some of your own.

Mat's birthday to come, once I get the photos published on Flickr.


McArthur Family said...

looks great!

shelob said...

Seriously, you need to bring Mat and decorate my house once I can buy one.