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Sunday, February 17, 2013

No Wishy Washy--New Car

Let me just start by saying that I may or may have not have clipped Mat's car with the Rover.  Oh! Back up camera you say? Yes, by George there is a back up camera in the Rover, and yes, I should be able to see objects or cars for that matter on the screen, but who has time to wait for the screen to flash on?
As soon as I heard the crunch I new I was toast.  You can only imagine what went through my head as I closed my eyes and rested my head on the steering wheel. I was instantly gut sick and face grew long in a matter of minutes. When I sprang out wincing,  the Rover just had the wheel guard taken off, $12.00 fix for new screws along with a few scratches. Mat's beater Accord did not fair so well.  I smashed the front left head light denting it in--real creased like. We've had the car since med school and it was going south, but this made it even more depressing to look at with it's new shiner. My new shiner. I told Mat I would drive the Honda. I already had to fix the taillight 3mths ago for backing into a garbage can --a $300 mistake.  I didn't deserve the better car, but he wanted the kids and I to be comfortable. It took a few days for things to resume to normal around here. On that Sunday, the Priesthood lesson was on forgiving your wife.  I couldn't have been sent a better lesson in my time of need. I was truly sorry and claimed idiocy for life.

His last week to St. George did him in. The Honda started shaking violently for oil on the way down.  He had enough time to get to a gas station to quench the Honda's thirst before something else gave way.  On the way back, a terrible ice/snowstorm hit and he was crawling on the I-15 at 15mph trying to not lose control of his car. Thank goodness he made it back unharmed.

By the next day (Saturday) we were out car shopping.  Comments from our Peanut Gallery

Micah: "Dad, are you going to clean your new car because your utter one is really dirty."
Gretchen: "Yeah Dad.  I hope the new car smells better than the one you have now."
Becket: "Hey, he might actually wash it?"
Mic: "Hey! Who wants free refreshments from Nate Wade?"

We looked at the Subaru Outback and Hyundai Sante Fe, both comparable cross overs with all wheel drive. However, the Santa Fe had an edge with what's called the technology package and that just put hearts in my husband's eyes. It also was up to speed on comfort and practical features inside the vehicle making Mat's long commutes to St. George turn into butter slide. We bought the car 4 days later.  Look how happy my husband is.  He can actually offer to drive people or go on businessy lunches. Also! I am now really planning my long sought after northwestern road trip up the coast.  With this car, we'll get the gas milage and have extra cargo in the back for all of our adventures. Weeds, we're coming.



shelob said...

Yeah, hitting the old Honda was an accident-- SURE . . .

jweed said...

YAY!!!! love the car. i need to suggest it to my Matt. although his good ol' truck is still good for making the commute to work and home. we have to pray every day for him to make it home safely. but no car payments!