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Monday, February 4, 2013

Happy Groundhog's Day and V-Day For that Matter (Well for most of us)

A girl after my own heart
I usually am the one to proudly wear my groundhog hat (purchased in Puxatawny, PA in the winter of 2003) but Gretchen has taken a liking to holidays just as much as I have, so I passed my groundhog crown to her---as long as she crossed her heart and hoped to die that it would come home.

I also got out our other Valentine treasures.  Becket has made it known that he does NOT like Valentine's Day because of all of the kissy kissing.  He will have nothing with it. He'll run over anything screaming Valentine's with his scooter which in turn, causes the girls to scream with it.



As for this girl--she is just happy to party!


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shelob said...

Look how cute Micah's hair is when it's curly!