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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Sweetly Singing All the While

Gretchen had a plethora of choir concerts to attend to. Good thing she had her sweet school shirt to wear to ALL of them!

First off The Jordan Valley School! School with special needs.


I actually ran into some kids I knew in Hershey .  Didn't expect to make the connection. I also ran into my friend Eileen. 

A few evenings later Gretchen preformed for the parents. I told all my children to use the bathroom before we left the house and what do they do? You guessed it! Didn't listen and had to go not once, but twice while we were there. Maybe I should get a shirt that says My Children Are Awesome!  They are great, but the irony in these Mom moments slay me.



We later had ice cream with some friends at our favorite ice cream stop, Macey's. the yogurt was unfortunately out. Next time. 



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shelob said...

Love the pink cowboy boots!