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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Oh Yes We (he) Did!

Our thanksgiving kickoff started off with pie the night before. My sister-in-law suggested it since we never have enough room for pie, after all pie is the most important part. This got my husband thinking. After finishing our leather covered chair the week prior, Mat had a fabulous idea to make a loin cloth out of the extra leather. Usually it is I who is trying to get him to cross over to the wild side, but this time it was all him.

Here's the invitation that went out to family:

Here is the costume that was born.
(Photos courtesy of bro in law Matt Kjar)


Here is the shock on Mat's mom face as she arrived


No warrior couldn't have done it finer! Way to go Stands-With-Loin-Cloth!


Look how serious everyone is taking him. He is just commanding it!


We had Matt and Lindsay's signature stuffed risotto balls--um heaven!


With soups a plenty


And then there was pie....



I attempted to make an ice cream bird, but it sorta looks like a caramel blob. Oh Well! I was too rushed to get into costume.


Everyone did a great job on their pies


and then they were gone


And I'm glad someone was enjoying my somewhat turkey caramel blob



Time well spent


Thanks for coming to Have a Soup Pie



McArthur Family said...

AHHHH! I LOVE it! You guys crack me up =)

Kelli said...

Bahahahaha! I can't stop laughing. That is awesomeness. I wish we could have been there. That is so funny. Good idea to do pies the night before. I like the pies better than all the Thanksgiving food.

shelob said...

Does Mat know you posted all this on your blog? Brave of him to do it to begin with, and even braver to let you post picture documentation. So funny!

Holly said...

I want to hear the signature Grandma Elaine scream when she walked in to see Mat in loin cloth.

jweed said...

i am speechless. can we get an invite next year, or is it for relatives only?!

Jill said...

you guys are pretty much the coolest couple I know. i wish we lived closer so that we could pretend to be as cool as you! miss you guys, hope you are loving utah!