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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Garage Floor Got a Spit and Polish

Since, Mat loves to tinker around in the garage with his tools, we figured we'd give him a clean space and new garage floor to create blow his mind in.  And, luckily for us, our neighbor Kevin has started a new business where he refinishes garage floors.  It's quite the process and the worst of the whole deal is moving everything out of your garage. When it's cold. When you don't want to.  Fortunately, we had gone through the garage with our after remodel cleanup party. Party makes it sound fun.  We had tossed a lot of stuff during this time. Back in the dumpster days. Now, this is where our garage sits until we can get it put back together. I have to say, that's not too much stuff for a two car garage. It's manageable.  Right?


Here's kind of the process.

Kevin sealed all the cracks in the cement, put down an adhesive and then threw this flake material on it.


Then he scraped it, vacuumed it and put three coats of sealant on it.  If it were summer, it would have dried a lot faster, but being our 30 degree temperatures it took a couple of days.  


We were able to have everything moved back in about a week.


Future projects

finish skinny table
make a lamp for front room
finish framing family pictures
finish putting up railing
go to the container store and outfit this garage with more organization

We have ordered a new garage door since ours has decided to leave it's physical body and become  a ghost garage for life (yes it is still going up randomly and at the most undesirable times.)  It won't be here until December, but I'm so excited for it. Pictures to come.

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