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Monday, November 24, 2014

Amy N Iverson

We are long time listeners of the Browsers, which is a local radio talk show, weekdays from 1-3pm. We download the podcast and listen to them while we're out and about.  They talk about the latest hype and a lot of technology. One day, while I was listening to the talk show, Amy mentioned how much she love Lion candy bars, but you can only get them in Europe.  She was just dying to have one.  Well, while we were in Montenegro, we walked into the local grocery store and BAM! There they were, right in front of my face. Flavors: white chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, peanut butter....she didn't tell me they came in so many flavors.  Although, since I'm a fan I knew I could rule out dark chocolate.  It disgusts her.  I snagged a few of them or ten and brought them home to give them to her and Jay (her co host).

The next problem was, how were we going to deliver these traveling candy bars.  I could easily send a note with the candy bars, but that wouldn't be as delightful as meeting Amy and Jay in person.  Tim, our neighbor actually works for KSL in the big wig department under finance. He had a badge and he was going to use it. On us. To meet Amy. Not only that, he went above and beyond and gave us a tour of the place and we ended up meeting the CEO of KSL. He's coming to my house for dinner next week. (just kidding)

Meet Amy N Iverson (Jay was absent) and the Lion (and Milka) candy bars.


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