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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Home to find...

We made it home from the Philippines and we were so tired and hapy to be home! I loved being in my own bed and I won't miss the smell of deet lotion.

It's hard when you work hard on getting your house finally functioning and then you leave.  We were a little disappointed that after 2 wks that the only thing that was finished were our handles on our pantry and desk.  They also managed to wrap our columns in the walnut and add the trim.  Funny, but I'm not surprised. If there is one thing I have learned it is not to expect anything.  We are still waiting on our desk top, island, toe kicks. and upper cupboards to be finished. You get what you get, but I am making a mental note of how long it's taking and I'm hoping to deduct it off our final price.  4wks should have been ample  time to get the rest of these mini projects done.

I am enjoying my handles immensely.  I used to have to pull from the bottom to open.


And we have wood trim across the top of the desk, we're still waiting on the metal to complete the desk.  You can see I couldn't wait any longer to move my computer up from the dungeon into a more centralized location.


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pelfrey girl said...

i am in mad love with your home