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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Cebu to Manilla

We flew back to Cebu to Manilla on Saturday.

I find it fun that they call the bathrooms, comfort rooms


We grabbed a movie Saturday and did some back to school shopping for the kids.

I need to have a meeting with Larry H Miller about introducing flavored popcorn to the US.  Nacho, BBQ, Sour Cream and White Cheddar. Their prices are also reasonable too.


We went to church Sunday and met with the area welfare manager Benson to gather a little bit more information on our project.

Primary is bigger than ours back home.


We were surprised to find that Jarius had flown down from Cebu too.


Benson gave us his presentation about the Filipino culture.  It was very enlightening and it helped to make sense of things.


We fly home this morning and I am so excited to see my kids.  I am indebted to my mom and to those that helped out while we took this mission assignment.  Pray for no earthquakes or plane crashes.  I just want to squeeze my children.

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