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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Found a Home for the Piano!

Our old spot for our piano is was being occupied by wood, our piano will now live upstairs in the loft closet, formally known as the suit case closet. We stored the suitcases in the guest room closet and took the seventy styled doors off of this one to make it look more like a PLANNED nook. Anybody buying it?

Color testing

House remodel

Painter testing

House remodel

Isn't it fun when your kids want to help paint? Micah has been BEGGING to paint.  I figured this was a safe enough place and she actually might be better than myself. Slap on a couple of old tshirts of mine and they're read to go.

I'll have to post a complete picture of the loft in the near future.  I keep saying near future because I know it is so near. I can almost touch it!

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